Laravel allows you to use proven solutions created for the needs of e-commerce. This doesn’t prevent you from building your solutions from scratch, but it certainly saves time if the deadline for making the eСommerce site is one of the most critical issues on the project.

Why use Laravel framework? This PHP framework, Laravel, enables you to customise the application, which is crucial if you want your customers to feel delighted when interacting with your business. The security of your customers can be ensured by simply integrating different solutions, such as payment and marketing automation systems.

Let’s dive into The Best Laravel Site Examples. 

Table of Contents
  1. B2B Websites
  2. Systems for Company Management
  3. E-learning and Blog Platforms
  4. Booking Platforms
  5. Forums
  6. How Big Retailers Have Used Laravel
  7. Takeaways

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You may build a highly-functional tool using Laravel that will enable your B2B clients to outsource various tasks and organise the task chaos that could result from employing external services without the proper task management tools. Due to routine component upgrades, Laravel-built applications ensure a high level of security for users. Also, this framework enables you to develop sophisticated business solutions quickly and include third-party apps.

  • One such website is Contentoo. The customer can choose contractors for a specific product on this website. You may use a messenger to communicate and manage your contacts with ease, thanks to the solution. A feature that alerts the user to deadlines is also available.

B2B Websites

CRM, CMS, marketing automation technologies, and other specialised solutions are now needed for business management. Experienced businesses understand the value of selecting tailored solutions because their adoption will improve both internal and external processes’ effectiveness. 

A remarkable technology for developing such systems is Laravel. Work on the database goes smoothly when you use it. Eloquent, which is used to construct databases using PHP classes, is a helpful tool in this situation. As a result, programming becomes more straightforward and more pleasurable. You may build a practical solution with a wide range of functions using Laravel, which is essential for content management.

  • A trendy, user-friendly content management platform is the free source October CMS. On a website devoted to the CMS, you may view a list of its features and find out how the company feels about using PHP Laravel. The top PHP framework,  Laravel, is the foundation of October. The framework includes all the tools and classes required to create high-quality websites and applications.
  • Do you require an accounting management tool with multiple features? Invoice Ninja is another excellent Laravel-based product. The application has a gentle delete feature thanks to Laravel. Using this function doesn’t remove the data from the database permanently. The database will track when it was “removed,” and it will only be excluded from subsequent procedures. It can be compared to a trash can where erased data is stored. This makes it possible to recover the erased data if needed.

Top Laravel Websites - InvoiceNinja

Systems for Company Management

Many people run blogs, and just as many people read them regularly. If you want to build a website to share your ideas or knowledge, Laravel might be an exceptional option. This framework enables the website designer to use various functionality, such as the simple sharing of material across multiple communication channels and the addition of features like registration for the website or newsletter subscription. With Laravel, you can access effective databases and tools that make managing the website’s content accessible and enjoyable.

  • MyRank, a website for online learning, is an illustration of a platform created using Laravel. Scalability is a feature the framework gives MyRank, allowing it to manage constantly expanding databases. 
  • Todd Austin’s simple Canvas blogging program perfectly shows how attractive design and practicality can coexist. Authors can add artwork, tag posts, schedule posts for publication, and write in the Summernote WYSIWYG editor, which automatically saves text, on Canvas. Thanks to these few functions, the app is light, simple to use, and simple to expand in the future.

E-learning and Blog Platforms

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The simplicity of payment integration allows for creating a PHP website of this kind. When a company grows and wants to offer more services, applications and websites can also be upgraded with new features at any moment.

  • Using solutions like Tably, restaurants may automate reserving tables and providing customer care. The Laravel-developed application enables effective and practical management of reservations and the storage of crucial data on customer orders. Such a solution can be customised to meet the requirements of a particular chain or establishment of restaurants. 
  • Another app, BonAppetour, connects guests and hosts worldwide, enabling them to organise tastes of regional cuisine quickly. This PHP framework enables excellent platform management and database data collection.

Booking Platforms

BonAppetour - Laravel App

  • One software program that enables you to create intricate and secure modern forums is Flarum. You may design interesting, attractive, responsive, quick, and efficient forums that are suited to different communities’ requirements and expectations thanks to various functionalities.

In this situation, Laravel is a fantastic option because it lets you quickly build a primary platform that you can later expand with various useful features. Those who are logged in will undoubtedly value features like real-time notifications.

  • The Laracasts portal, devoted to Laravel, is an example of one of these forums. This forum’s backend was created using Laravel. This framework’s knowledge base is appropriately organised. Together with a discussion group, there are also a ton of podcasts, courses, and articles for programmers to access. 
  • The WeStryve website, which uses Laravel to give forum users protection and the possibility to exchange expertise, is a comparable community for developers.


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Laravel is a popular PHP framework that has gained popularity among developers due to its features, performance, and ease of use. Several prominent retailers have used Laravel in their applications. Here are some of the best examples:

How Big Retailers Have Used Laravel

One of the biggest retailers in the world, Walmart Canada, uses Laravel in their online store. With the use of Laravel, Walmart Canada developed a responsive and effective website that includes functions like order processing, real-time inventory management, and interaction with various payment methods.

Walmart Canada

Nike is a well-known name in the retail sector, and it has adopted Laravel. Nike’s eCommerce website is one of many online apps that utilise Laravel. Nike uses the following Laravel features:

  1. Routing: Laravel’s routing system allows developers to define application routes that can be accessed through URLs. This makes it easy for Nike to manage its application URLs and provide a seamless user experience.
  2. Controllers: Laravel controllers are used to handling user requests and responses. Nike uses controllers to handle user requests on its e-commerce site, enabling it to provide a responsive user interface.
  3. Models: Laravel models are used to interact with databases. Nike uses models to retrieve and store data from its database, making managing its eСommerce site’s data easy.
  4. Blade Templating Engine: Laravel’s Blade templating engine allows developers to create reusable application templates. Nike uses Blade to create reusable templates for its e-commerce site, making it easy to maintain its user interface.
  5. Authentication: Laravel’s authentication system provides a secure and easy-to-use authentication mechanism. Nike uses Laravel’s authentication system to ensure that its e-commerce site is secure and only accessible to authorised users.
  6. Artisan Command-Line Interface: Laravel’s Artisan command-line interface provides developers with tools to manage their applications. Nike uses Artisan to perform various tasks like database migrations and application setup.

Nike gained by using Laravel since it will run faster, require less upkeep, and be more secure. Before implementing Laravel, Nike did a lot of research and trained its developers.


Nike’s Incredibly Effective Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy - Nike Run Club(1)

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Etsy is an online marketplace that links millions of customers and merchants worldwide. Etsy utilised Laravel to provide a stable and scalable framework for its application. Real-time chat, order management, and payment processing are just a few of the capabilities that Laravel provides to help Etsy build a smooth customer experience.


The well-known US retailer Target has also chosen Laravel for its web apps. Target uses several Laravel capabilities, including views, controllers, and routing. Using Laravel for Target has advantages such as faster performance, simpler maintenance, and enhanced security. By first developing a prototype and then progressively integrating it into its current system, Target implemented Laravel.


Famous clothing manufacturer Zara has used Laravel in their online store. By integrating capabilities like real-time inventory management, order processing, and interaction with numerous payment processors, Laravel assisted Zara in building a responsive and high-performing website.

Top Laravel eCommerce Websites - Laravel


A social media management tool, Hootsuite, uses Laravel in one of its applications. Hootsuite was able to build a scalable and modular platform with Laravel’s assistance, including scheduling, analytics, and real-time social media monitoring tools.


One of the most prominent online merchants in the world, Amazon, has chosen Laravel for its web applications. Among other capabilities, Amazon uses Laravel’s routing, controllers, and database migrations. Using Laravel for Amazon has advantages such as quicker development, simpler maintenance, and enhanced security. Amazon adopted Laravel by gradually integrating it into its current infrastructure.

Top Laravel eCommerce Websites - Amazon


The financial data and technology firm Barchart uses Laravel in one of its applications. With the aid of Laravel, Barchart developed a scalable and effective platform that includes tools for real-time financial reporting, graphing, and analytics.


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In conclusion, Laravel has become popular with big retailers due to its ease of use, versatility, and security features. Walmart, Nike, Amazon, and Target are just a few examples of big retailers that have adopted Laravel for their web applications. Laravel’s features, performance, and ease of use make it ideal for building robust and scalable applications.

Laravel has enabled these retailers to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and improve security. The prospects of Laravel in the retail industry are promising, and more retailers are likely to adopt Laravel for their web applications.

You can skyrocket your eCommerce store performance with the guidance of a Laravel web development company.


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