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With years of experience, WebMeridian is the B2B eCommerce Consulting Agency that’s perfectly positioned to offer a wide selection of tailored eCommerce solutions to you. Our teams comprise skilled individuals who can take any project from the initial stages all the way to launch.
Our consultancy and guidance are dictated by the terms of your project. We are capable of being with you through all the stages of a project and advising on all aspects.

What Does an eCommerce Consulting Service Do?

Our consultancy arm at WebMeridian is in the business of problem-solving. If you have eCommerce problems that need to be overcomed, we have just the right people for you. Our value proposition comes from being able to find out how each problem can be solved. Our eCommerce consulting agency is tasked with:

Advising on Projects Challenges

Sometimes, projects run into various challenges, miss something or have a problem that needs solving. Our consultants can come in and keep it running smoothly.

Assessing eCommerce Projects for Improvements

The digital world evolves and you must evolve your store with it. The service provides you with the right people to make it happen.

Recommending Ways to Optimise the Business

Some businesses could be doing better than they are now. Our eCommerce business consultants can determine when improvements are needed and what change they may bring.

Finding Out the Best Tools to Use

Integrations and proper tooling drive eCommerce. Bring efficiency, convenience and speed to your operations through our eCommerce operations consultants.

What We Solve

eCommerce Strategy Development

We think that the existing version of eCommerce strategy consulting has come a long way. However, it is easy to miss some important things if the concept of strategy is too narrow. Without consultancy, you can quickly determine the best way to effectively manage your strategies.
eCommerce strategies can help you accomplish more with what you have. For instance, having strategies for development, launch, marketing, distribution, and other important facets ensure that you do not have to worry about missing the important things that make a difference when you are looking for results.

Experienced eCommerce Consultants

Our consultancy service is staffed by employees who are capable of handling any of your needs in eCommerce. Our eCommerce agency team will analyse your business, design a plan for it, track progress and adjust as needed to get to profitability and then grow.
Furthermore, we always ensure that our work is guided by your goals, which is where experience comes in.

Transformational eCommerce Solutions

The modern world is moving towards more efficiency, ease-of-doing-business, collaboration, safety, a smooth digital experience across platforms and device types. Transformation tech is always improving how we do business online.
Adopting the technology is a different matter altogether. Because of how new they are, we have to offer consultancy to early adopters and those seeking to transition to something better. You will be able to save money, please your customers and streamline your operations.

eCommerce Platform

It is not uncommon to have trouble picking the best platform for your business. For that reason, we offer services around the selection of Magento eCommerce platforms. After an assessment of the immediate, short-term and long-term outlooks, we can pick out a platform that is perfectly suited to you. Our eCommerce consulting agency will give you a team capable of using your requirements to find out which specialists you will need to build your store on the best platform.

Why Do You Need Our eCommerce Consultancy Services?

Strong Consulting eCommerce Competency

We offer unbiased feedback, to ensure you make business choices for business reasons.

eCommerce Experts

Our eCommerce consultant UK works to expand your sales by identifying and tapping into all sources of revenue.

Creative Team for Your Project

Our years of experience strategizing in eCommerce give us the tools needed to overcome your challenges.

Deep eCommerce Expertise

We are capable of optimizing your business to drive up your success metrics and reduce occurrences like cart abandonment, unusually high bounce rates, and more.

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