We are tech lovers and eCommerce specialists who believe in building trusting partnerships and providing effective digital solutions tailored to your company's and your clients' demands. We develop and optimise eShops using famous eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Shopware, and WooCommerce.

Our Adobe certified professionals and experts enjoy tackling the tech challenges of online stores. Each project is distinct and requires a well-defined process. Please review our project delivery approach for each of our partners to see if it can benefit you.

How We May Cooperate

With Development Agencies

Do you need more resources to fulfil your project needs? Development companies can leverage on us.
#1. Extend your tech or industry expertise, if you have leads that don't fit your company's technology stack.
#2. Enhance the in-house team with certified developers, if you have long-term projects, but not enough specialists, to get started.
#3. Take over the new project, if you have interesting projects that you don't have time for.
#4. Provide necessary experts solely such as front- or back-end dev, QA, SEO, designer, business analyst, etc.

With Digital Agencies

We solve tech challenges while you focus on the business part. With the expertise of WebMeridian’s certified developers, you can:
#1. Extend your service package and expertise,
#2. Cover more needs and solve complex challenges of your retail clients,
#3. Gain the extensive tech and domain expertise,
#4. Profit more with Adobe eCommerce Certificates.

Explore More About Our Approach

Win-Win Approach for Our Partners

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers who will handle all technical aspects of your project and tailor your solution to the specific needs of your industry.

Digital Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies can leverage our team to do the tech part for an online shop optimisation and customisation, and leave the time for creativity and accomplishment of their big ideas in the promotion.

Development Companies

There's no need to waste funds on the in-house developer team's expansion. We can provide top-notch Adobe Certified Developers or other tech professionals to enhance your new or current project and ensure that remote collaboration is as efficient as possible.

The core expertise of the WebMeridian team is Magento, Shopify, Shopware, and WooCommerce.

You May Work With

One or a Few Certified Developers

Our specialists have a great mix of coding and soft skills that ensure a high-quality and seamless team augmentation process. Based on your requirements, we provide our specialists' CVs. Then you can interview the best ones and evaluate their skills, both soft and code, and even domain expertise. They will be a 100% extension of your in-house team, with a lack of technology or domain expertise. The remote team is fully dedicated and synced with your on-site one. Moreover, we ensure a quick start and team setup.

Dedicated Team

Our team members are curious and learn from all successes and failures. We provide a fully dedicated development crew, delivering a quality product within the period and budget limits, with excellent communication and a healthy working climate.
At WebMeridian, software service excellence is not just an axiom; it happens to be one of the prominent business ethics. We'd love to collaborate with your on-site team members. Our certified developers have vast experience with similar projects, so communication is seamless, and delivery is high-quality, fast, and smooth. Feel free to contact us and discuss our partnership terms.

Talents For Your Next Project Explore CVs of Our Certified Devs

What Clients Say

Sascha Jaggi
CEO, GmbH (Marketing Agency)

So far, WebMeridian has helped the client successfully handle an e-commerce project for an end client. They have proven themselves to be a reliable and effective development partner through their superb communication skills and their ability to consistently deliver high-quality work on time.

Locations of Our Clients

Dive deeper into testimonials by our clients that are located globally.


Web Dev & Magento 2 Update for Web Consulting Agency. Review by Dominic Foerst - CEO, Web Consulting Agency. "They react quickly and solve any issues efficiently." While the project is ongoing, the client praises the team's smooth development and communication process. Performance results have already improved and small site issues have been resolved. WebMeridian has been professional and responds quickly to problems on site.


E-Commerce Development for a Marketing Agency. Review by Sascha Jaggi - CEO, GmbH. "I liked their effective communication and the overall quality of the work that they’ve done so far."


E-Commerce Development for Digital Marketing Sourcing Firm. Testimonial by VP Services, Software Dev & Consultation Company. "Overall, they did everything that we’ve agreed to and we were able to finish the project on time." WebMeridian led a collaborative process, following work procedures and willingly responding to the client's needs. The team helped them in the entire development process.




Web Dev for Computer Software Provider. Review by Dmitriy Sosnitskiy - QA & Operations Dept, Protectimus Solutions LLC. "Project management was very polite, reliable and professional compared to other vendors." The new backend for the existing website improved the loading time, making the platform quicker and more user-friendly. WebMeridian is always in touch about project milestones and is a reliable resource.

The UK

Magento Updates for Marketing Agency. Testimonial by Digital Marketing Consultant, Marketing Agency. "The team is great, and I am glad to continue working with them." Thanks to the efforts of the WebMeridian team, both of these pivotal projects were completed, allowing the company to move forward with the digital strategy of their client. The company was most impressed by the team's professionalism and how they delivered all of their work on time.

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