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More than 7 years in the game, and we're just getting started. Enjoy your growing profits and satisfied customers while our eCommerce development experts handle the technical part or your business. We use different CMS, such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, and other framework-based technologies to cover your technical needs.


Magento has proven itself to be a powerful eCommerce platform for medium-sized businesses and enterprises. We love to work with it because it is highly scalable and has all the features needed for an eCommerce development from scratch.  Additionally, Magento allows us to overcome tech challenges in optimizing the performance of a successful and profitable store.


An in-depth analysis of your business and its needs is vital for preparing and shaping your eCommerce solution. As a part of our outsource eCommerce development services, our experts conduct detailed analytics to determine how to better reach and serve your target audience. This includes competitor analysis to help you stand out in the market as well as use quality software to satisfy all user requirements.

Tailored Solutions

If you need a specific type of website – we've got you covered. Our eCommerce development agency specializes in various types of eCommerce sites so we can create one that meets your business needs or goals, whether it's a B2C shop or a sizable and attractive marketplace.

Online Presence

Growing your brand online can mean exerting a lot of effort. Instead, you can rely on us to help you conquer Google SEO guidelines, increase your pages' loading speed, and grow your sales through conversion rate optimization services by hottest eCommerce trends aligned with the latest eCommerce development trends.


Scaling your Shopify store may seem daunting and like an uphill task. However, you don’t have to face it alone or unprepared. The WebMeridian team provides top-tier full-service development, delivery, and support for multifaceted eCommerce solutions. Our Shopify developers can help you maximize your traffic and conversions, along with state-of-the-art website development.

About Us

WebMeridian is an eCommerce development agency offering a comprehensive range of outsource eCommerce development services, covering everything from developing a strategy to project execution. Our Adobe-certified developers work diligently to achieve the best results for your online store. Let’s transform clicks into conversions and dreams into transactions.

Why Do Brands Opt for Our Services as Their eCommerce Development Agency?

Get A Magento Expert Consultation

Our Adobe Business Practitioner conducts site audit to optimize your eCommerce weaknesses.

Migration-Magento 1.9 to 2.3


Manufacturer Of Camera-Monitor
And Driver Assistance Systems






Migration to Magento 2,
Support and Maintenance

Case Study

Magento Website Support


Distributor of wheels, tyres and spare parts for cars






Magento Website Maintenance, Magento Migration Service, Multistore Magento 2

Case Study

Clients’ Reviews

Dominic Foerst, CEO at Web Consulting Agency

“We already worked with WebMeridian, and I knew that they could do any task related to Magento store development in time, and at the highest quality. With WebMeridian, we have smooth communication; they react quickly and solve any issues efficiently. We have already achieved better performance results, improved overall functioning of the store, and fixed small site issues.”

Jonas Carp, CEO at Tischline GmbH

“They stuck to the deadlines and helped us maintain our store and fix all the critical issues. They significantly improved several processes and order handling, removed security issues and improved user navigation experience for mobiles. We saw our sales increase by almost 5,000% in 2020 thanks to WebMeridian.”

Sascha Jaggi, CEO at GmbH

“They helped us with eCommerce project development on Shopware. I liked their effective communication and the overall quality of the work that they’ve done so far. They have proven themselves to be a reliable and effective development partner through their superb communication skills and their ability to consistently deliver high-quality work on time.”

Aoife Ryan, Online Sales & Marketing Head at Musical Instruments Store

“They are professional and friendly. WebMeridian showed a high quality of work, provided clear milestones and met all the deadlines. We got a fully-functional eCommerce store and felt good support from the WebMeridian team.”

John Karalis, CEO at Netsteps

“WebMeridian successfully delivered a complex web solution using the Magento framework by the estimated deadline, showing accuracy and professionalism. The team was communicative, as well as very responsive to our needs.”

Gideon Weiler, CEO at RNB

“They are responsive, flexible, and make everything as we want. They have developed the website and accomplished goals set by our company. The project is still going, and we continue working with the team.”

Michael Throne, Co-Founder at Acidbite

"I think we are mostly through with the project. Of course there’s minor stuff coming up here and there and we are still testing new things. But overall we are very happy with the results and the new page. Also the team performed very well after we switched to Iryna and Oleg."

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What are the key advantages of outsourcing eCommerce development?

Partnering with a robust eCommerce development agency can help an online business transform its operations by proper optimization of all the features on its website that are driving engagement and sales. The main benefits of outsourcing for eCommerce development are access to a variety of skills and specializations, better productivity, scalability and flexibility, as well as bigger savings.

What ecommerce development solutions can accelerate the launch of an online store?

A tailored site sounds enticing since it considers all your specific needs. However, is its transcendence over a ready-made solution beyond questioning? In fact, entrepreneurs often prioritize out-of-the-box solutions for their efficiency and ease of implementation.

What criteria should businesses consider when selecting an ecommerce development agency?

Look for an agency that:
1) Has significant technical experience from delivering successful B2B and B2C eCommerce projects across various industries;
2) Is well-versed in providing effective eCommerce development services — from website design to hosting and integration.
3) Are open and honest with their clients throughout the development process;
4) Has excellent communication skills;
5)) Are able to clearly explain their processes, procedures, and decisions in ways that are easy to understand.
6) Are open to new ideas and be willing to experiment with the latest technologies.

Why are pre-built ecommerce platforms a better choice than custom solutions in eCommerce development?

Pre-built platforms often have lower upfront costs compared to custom solutions as well as they are quicker to set up as they come with pre-designed templates and built-in functionalities. Pre-built platforms such as Magento or Shopify often come with a comprehensive set of features out of the box. This includes payment gateways, inventory management, and marketing tools. They often have a range of plugins, extensions, and integrations available. An out-of-the-box solution can help establish a winning eCommerce business. We’ll focus on Magento and Shopify as some of the most practical and widespread ones. Both Magento and Shopify fall within the top ten global solutions and boast impressive upsides. You can confidently pick any of the described platforms, and it will help you drive your eShop.

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