Millions of stores worldwide work with Magento benefitting from the platform’s flexibility and scalability. Magento easily handles even the most complex projects; however, it is sometimes criticized for underperforming front-end, complexity in implementing improvements, and insufficient updates. Loading speeds, in particular, have a crucial effect on the ecommerce websites’ success. Moreover, after the recent updates in Google algorithms, poor loading speed may lead to a website’s failure to appear on the first page of search results.

In the 2021 Magento 2 community, Hyvä Magento Themes has created quite a stir. Its developers teased an alternative to Magento 2 Frontend with less complexity, more remarkable performance, and an enhanced development experience since October 2020. They intended to do this by removing cumbersome JS libraries and streamlining the stylesheet. If Hyvä didn’t already have everyone’s attention, it does now.

If you just want an appealing, well-optimized shop that nevertheless enjoys the benefits of robust Magento capabilities, Hyvä offers a fresh viewpoint.

Think of the Hyvä Magento 2 theme as an improved Luma for Magento. It is a frontend that the latter may have developed into but was unable to. In addition, Hyvä is a PWA substitute that frees you from the constraints of the JavaScript-only web.

In the sections below, you may learn more about the Hyvä theme for Magento, why it is superior to alternatives and whether it’s worth implementing on your website.

Table of Contents
  1. What Exactly Is Hyvä Magento Theme?
  2. Hyvä Theme: 11 Questions and Answers from a Senior Expert
  3. Hyvä Theme in Action: Our Experience Using This Theme on a Magento 2 Project
  4. Usage Statistics of Hyvä Magento Theme in 2023
  5. What Advantages Come With Utilising Hyvä Magento Themes?
  6. Reasons to Implement Hyvä Magento Themes
  7. Key Takeaways For Hyvä Magento Theme

Hyvä Magento Themes

Your company may experience substantial revenue growth in mere months, all thanks to the implementation of Hyvä Magento Themes.

What Exactly Is Hyvä Magento Theme?

Essentially, Hyvä is Magento’s front-end theme, providing rich functionality. It encompasses a toolkit, a range of extensions, and comprehensive support. 

Hyva Theme has already marked its path with great success. Originally, Magento 2 Hyva theme stems from Magento 2; however, it provides multiple creative opportunities for expanding the given capacity. With superior speed and performance, Hyva can efficiently substitute PWA releasing you from the constraints of the JavaScript-only web.

Which features does Hyvä Magento bring to the table?

  • Simplicity

The theme is created from the ground up with the utilization of a PHP-templating system integrated into Magento. The front-end has been comprehensively rebuilt for maximum ease of use. It delights developers, as the theme excludes the elements they dislike, such as RequireJS, Knockout, UIComponents.

  • Enhanced performance

This is what Magento Hyvä themes are extolled for. Gaining maximum by all paramount metrics in the Google search engine, the solution outperforms both Luma and PWAs. Ultimately, it can help users raise their SEO rankings.

  • Minimum time-to-market

Taking its roots in Magento, the theme is prompt and effortless for Hyva Magento developers to implement. They can save up to 50% of time when building the Hyva theme, thereby reducing the time needed to run the store.

  • Abundant functionality and opportunities

Users can enjoy more than 140 compatible extensions, integrated updates, and communication with a support community.

Which components do Hyvä themes for Magento include?

For the convenience of developers and consumers, Hyvä eliminates bulky elements making syntax straightforward and intuitive.

Hyva removes:

  • RequireJS
  • jQuery
  • KnockoutJS
  • LESS
  • UI Components

Hyva includes:

  • TailwindCSS
  • AlpineJS
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Webpack

Hyvä Theme: 11 Questions and Answers from a Senior Expert

Get ready to delve into the world of the Hyvä theme as we uncover the most pressing questions about its challenges and advantages. Join us as Anton Kotiukh, a seasoned Senior Frontend Magento 2 Developer with over a decade of expertise, provides invaluable insights. With his extensive experience, Anton clarifies the complexities and benefits of the Hyvä Magento theme, guiding you through its intricacies with ease.

Q1: How long does it take to migrate to the Hyvä Theme, and what steps are involved in the process?

A1: The general steps and estimated time needed for the Magento Hyvä migration process are outlined below:

Project evaluation40-80 HoursWe evaluate the current project as a first step. Developers analyze the code and review the database structure, modules, and themes used, determining the scope of work and requirements for the future system.
Infrastructure setup30-80 HoursThis stage involves preparing servers, installing necessary environments, and configuring dependencies.
Development80-240 HoursThe longest phase entails rewriting or adapting existing code into Hyvä, with additional tasks such as testing and optimization.
1) Selecting and configuring Hyvä: After preparing your environment, you must install and configure Hyvä. This involves downloading the code, installing the necessary packages, and configuring basic settings such as language, currency, payment, and shipping.
2) Data migration: Next, you must migrate data from Magento 2 to HyväTheme. This may include transferring products, orders, users, product categories, and other data. You can use data migration tools or custom scripts for this purpose.
3) Setup and integration: Customizing Hyvä to meet specific needs, including theme customization, module addition, payment system creation, and integration with email and other third-party services.
Testing and bug fixing40-80 HoursThorough testing ensures all features work correctly across different devices and browsers, including purchase, payment, and delivery functionality.
Release and support As neededUpon successful migration to the Hyvä theme, the new version is released, followed by ongoing support and further development.

Note: The duration of each stage can vary depending on project complexity and available resources, ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Q2: What are the main obstacles in migrating an existing Magento theme to a Hyvä Theme?

A2: Migrating from an existing Magento theme to Hyvä can be challenging due to differences in structure and web development approaches between the two platforms. Here are some specific issues that may arise:

  1. Templates and layouts: Magento uses its own template and layout system (PHTML/XML), while Hyvä uses blocks and components based on HTML and Knockout.js. Rewriting considerable code to align with the new structure is necessary.
  2. JavaScript and CSS: Hyvä relies on Tailwind CSS for styling and components, often developed using Alpine.js. This can pose challenges as existing Magento CSS code may be written using a different styling method, such as SASS or LESS, and may not be compatible with Tailwind CSS. Developers must rewrite or adapt existing styles to conform to Hyvä conventions. Additionally, custom JavaScript components or libraries may need adjustments, particularly concerning Alpine.js integration.
  3. Functionality and modules: Magento has its own ecosystem of modules that may not be compatible with Hyvä. Therefore, existing modules may need to be rewritten or adapted to work with the new theme. 
  4. Data migration process: Migrating data, such as products, orders, users, etc., can also be challenging due to potential differences in data structures between Magento and Hyvä. This may entail developing custom scripts to convert data or utilizing migration tools.

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Q3: Post-migration challenges that may occur in the Magento Hyvä theme

  • Style and display issues: 
    • Adaptation issues: After a migration, some styles may not adapt correctly to the new Hyvä environment, resulting in incorrect display of elements on pages. 
    • Style conflicts: Occasionally, existing styles may clash with Hyvä’s standard styles, causing display and performance issues on pages. 
  • Functionality issues:

Incompatibility with Hyvä Magento theme components: Some functional elements or scripts used in the previous Magento theme may not be compatible with the components and approaches used in the Hyvä theme.

  • Problems with content adaptation:

Namely, text and image formatting.  Post-migration, text and visual content (like images) may necessitate additional adaptation to match the new design and structure of Hyvä pages.

  • Problems with speed and performance: 
    • Unoptimized code: After migration, some code may remain unoptimized or inefficient for use with the Hyvä theme, leading to increased page load times and client content delivery issues.
    • Incompatibility of styles and scripts: Incompatibilities between existing Magento styles and scripts and Hyvä’s standards can lead to conflicts that affect site performance and responsiveness. 
    • Increased download volume: Redundant scripts or styles on Hyvä pages or those not optimized for efficient performance can escalate load times and content delivery.
    • Large size of image files: Insufficient image optimization can lead to large file sizes and increased page load times. This is especially important for mobile browsing, where resources are limited. 

Overall, after migrating to the Hyvä Magento theme, diligent monitoring of theme performance and timely issue resolution is crucial to ensuring efficient and uninterrupted store operation.

Q4: After migrating to Hyvä theme, is it necessary to redesign from scratch?

A4: After migrating to the Hyvä theme, it is not necessary to redesign from scratch, but it is often essential to make some changes and adaptations to meet this theme’s new standards and features. Several factors can influence the need for a redesign:

  1. Compatibility with Hyvä Magento theme structure: Hyvä employs its own layout and component structure, which may differ from the previous Magento theme. As a result, certain design elements may need to be redesigned to adhere to the new Hyvä standards.
  2. Utilization of new features: Hyvä Magento 2 may introduce new features and functionality that should be incorporated to enhance the design and user experience. This may encompass new styles, components, animations, and other elements necessitating design adaptation.
  3. Mobile adaptation: Switching to the Magento Hyvä theme may require optimizing the design for mobile and tablets to ensure a convenient and efficient user experience on any device. 
  4. Improved speed and performance: Hyvä is known for its speed and performance.  When redesigning your website, you can use optimized tools to reduce page loads and improve site performance.

While a complete redesign from scratch may not be required, it’s advisable to meticulously review and adapt the design to guarantee optimal performance and user experience on the Hyvä platform.

Q5: What modules does Hyvä not support? What should I do with these modules?

A5: Various types of modules may not be compatible with Hyvä. Here are some examples:

  1. Modules that modify templates and layouts: Modules indirectly altering Magento templates and layouts might not align with Hyvä’s native layout and component structure.
  2. Modules designed for older themes: Some modules are tailored for previous Magento themes and may not function properly with Hyvä due to structural and developmental changes.
  3. Modules that interact with styles and JS files: Modules interacting with styles (CSS) or JavaScript files may require adjustments to operate seamlessly with Hyvä’s style system and JS components.
  4. Modules altering the administrative interface: Modules impacting Magento’s administrative interface might not integrate well with Hyvä’s proprietary interface and functionality.
  5. Modules affecting SEO: Certain modules influencing SEO may need modification to function correctly with Hyvä and its distinct SEO features.

If you encounter a module incompatible with Magento Hyvä theme, consider the following options:

  1. Finding an alternative: Seek alternative modules compatible with Hyvä to fulfill your requirements.
  2. Customization: You can try adapting the module to work with Hyvä. 
  3. Workaround: In some cases, a module can be circumvented by using alternative paths or solutions that provide the desired functionality without using an incompatible module.

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Q6: Can Hyvä Magento integration affect my website design?

A6: Hyvä integration can affect your website design depending on several factors. Here’s how it might work: 

  1. Appearance and layout: Hyvä offers its own page structure and layout approach. As Hyvä has its own components, the website’s look and feel may change. Existing layouts may need to be revised and adapted to the new structure, which may affect the overall look of the site. 
  2. Compatibility with existing elements: If you already have design elements or functionality, such as custom templates or extensions, compatibility with Hyvä may be an issue. Some of them may not work as expected or may not be supported at all, so you may need to review or modify them to ensure compatibility with Hyvä. 
  3. Mobile adaptation: Hyvä has been carefully optimized for mobile devices, but design changes may affect its mobile compatibility. The website’s design may need to be adapted or revised to ensure that it works properly on different devices. 
  4. Page sequence: Hyvä can impact a website’s order and organization. Its layout structure may require you to revise or change the sequence and location of different elements on the site pages. 
  5. Speed and performance: Switching to Hyvä can positively impact your website’s speed and performance by optimizing it and using resources efficiently. However, design changes can also affect the site’s overall speed, and you may need to optimize the new design to ensure optimal performance.

Q7: Is there any advantage in implementing trending features over other themes?

A7: Yes, there are some advantages to implementing trending features with Hyvä over other Magento themes. Here are some of the main advantages: 

  1. Modularity and flexibility: Hyvä’s modular structure allows for easy and quick customization and implementation of different features. This will enable developers to adapt the website to new trends and user needs quickly. 
  2. Optimized performance: Hyvä is known for its high performance and responsiveness. It is optimized to work on Magento, which allows for fast page responsiveness and efficient processing of user requests.
  3. Compatibility with standards and new technologies: Hyvä constantly updates and adapts to new web development and eCommerce trends. It actively integrates new technologies and standards, allowing the website to remain modern and competitive. 
  4. User-friendly experience: Hyvä is committed to providing your audience with a user-friendly and intuitive experience. This helps increase conversion and user satisfaction, an essential aspect of successful eCommerce. 

Luma vs Hyva Magento Theme

Hyvä can be a beneficial choice compared to other Magento themes. It offers a wider selection, easy implementation, and better performance. Also, it offers flexibility, performance, and modernity, allowing you to create a modern and effective business website. 

  1. More choices: Hyvä offers an extended library of components and various modules, which allows developers and designers to have more choices in creating unique and innovative designs. This makes it easy to customize and adapt your website to different business and user needs. 
  2. Easier implementation: Thanks to its modular architecture and documentation, Hyvä makes it easy to implement various features and modules. Developers can quickly use out-of-the-box solutions and customize them for their own needs, simplifying the development process and speeding up the time to market.
  3. Better performance: Hyvä is known for its high performance and optimization, which allows for fast page responsiveness and efficient processing of user requests. Website performance affects the overall user experience, so this becomes an essential factor in increasing conversion and user satisfaction. 

Q8: How to check extensions for compatibility with the theme? What to do if they are not compatible?

A8: Your approach to checking extension compatibility with the theme can significantly impact the functionality and performance of your website. Here’s how to navigate this crucial step:

  1. Documentation Review: Start by reviewing the documentation provided by extension developers. This valuable resource often contains information regarding compatibility with various themes, including Hyvä. Be sure to check these specifications to ensure seamless integration.
  2. Testing on an isolated environment: Install the theme and extension on an isolated server or local environment and test their interaction. You can try to perform basic functions and ensure they work properly with the chosen theme. 
  3. Research User Feedback: Dive into Magento extension stores and specialized forums to seek out user reviews and ratings for the extensions you’re considering. This firsthand feedback can offer valuable insights into compatibility issues and overall performance.

If compatibility issues arise:

  • Explore Alternatives: Consider exploring alternative extensions that are explicitly compatible with your chosen Magento theme. This proactive approach ensures you find a suitable solution that meets your needs without compromising functionality.
  • Reach Out to Developers: Don’t hesitate to reach out to the extension developer directly. Inquire about their willingness to provide support or updates to enhance compatibility with your theme. Engaging in open communication can lead to swift resolutions and improved user experiences.

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Q9: Does Hyvä’s high performance impact the backend, too?

A9: The Hyvä theme is renowned for its exceptional frontend performance, focusing on delivering an outstanding user experience. However, it’s worth exploring how these frontend enhancements can also impact backend performance. Here’s how:

  1. Reducing Server Load: By optimizing frontend resources such as images, styles, and scripts, Hyvä minimizes the data that servers need to transmit. This reduction in server load results in faster response times and enhances overall website speed.
  2. Accelerated Page Loading: Hyvä’s streamlined frontend ensures swift page loading, which benefits user experience and search engine rankings. Speedy page loads contribute to improved SEO performance and heightened user satisfaction. 
  3. Enhanced Request Processing: Hyvä’s optimized frontend reduces the number of backend requests required to generate pages. This optimization slashes server load and accelerates request processing, further elevating website speed.

While Hyvä primarily focuses on frontend performance, its optimizations extend to certain backend aspects. By minimizing server load, enhancing page load speed, and optimizing request processing, Hyvä delivers a comprehensive performance boost across your entire website.

Hyva Magento 2 Theme

Q10:  What payment methods and checkout solutions are available for Hyvä Themes?

  1. Standard Magento payment methods: Hyvä themes seamlessly integrate with all standard payment methods available in Magento. These include card payments, cash on delivery, PayPal, bank transfers, and more.
  2. Payment Gateway Integration: Hyvä allows effortless integration with various payment gateways, expanding your payment options. You can easily connect with popular gateways like Stripe, Braintree,, and others to offer diverse payment methods to your customers.
  3. Third-Party Checkout Solutions: Hyvä themes facilitate integration with third-party checkout solutions, enhancing flexibility. Whether it’s through popular payment gateways or third-party platforms offering alternative payment methods, you can provide a seamless checkout experience tailored to your customer’s preferences.
  4. Payment on Delivery: Additionally, Hyvä themes support payment upon receipt, enabling customers to pay for their orders upon receiving the products. This option adds convenience and flexibility to the purchasing process, catering to varied customer preferences.

Q11: Is Hyvä Headless?

A11: While Hyvä is not inherently headless, it can be utilized within headless architectural solutions. The primary feature of Hyvä revolves around its high-quality frontend templates tailored explicitly for Magento 2. However, it’s crucial to understand that Hyvä is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. This means you have the option to integrate Hyvä templates into a headless architecture if desired.

In a headless architecture, the frontend (referred to as the “head”) is decoupled from the backend. This separation enables enhanced flexibility and scalability, allowing you to employ different technologies and platforms for the frontend and backend, respectively.

Hyvä Theme in Action: Our Experience Using This Theme on a Magento 2 Project

We undertook a comprehensive development project for England’s leading kitchen equipment brand. The goal was to design and optimize a Magento 2 website using the Hyvä theme, creating a visually appealing and high-performing website to support the client’s market expansion.

Client Background:

Our client is a retail store that offers high-quality kitchen equipment for professional chefs and home cooks. The store features everything from advanced kitchen appliances to specialized cooking utensils.


  • Outdated Website Design: The client’s website did not reflect its modern image, leading to high bounce rates and low conversions.
  • Slow Loading Speed: The website’s slow loading times frustrated users, especially on mobile devices, resulting in lost sales opportunities.

Hyva Theme Developemnt and Loading Speed Optimization for Adexa _ Kitchen Equipment Brand


  • Platform Selection: Magento 2 and Hyvä. Our eCommerce experts selected Magento 2 for its robustness and scalability, perfectly aligning with the client’s needs. To enhance speed and the user experience, we integrated the Hyvä theme, known for its lightweight and customizable design.
  • Design Phase: We crafted a visually appealing, user-friendly interface that aligned with the client’s brand identity.
  • Development and Optimization: We used Magento 2 and Hyvä to develop a fast, responsive, and reliable website. Our team focused on efficient coding practices, image optimization, and streamlined loading processes.
  • Loading Speed Optimization: Our team implemented advanced techniques to enhance site performance, utilizing the Hyvä theme’s lightweight structure. 

Hyva Theme Developemnt and Loading Speed Optimization for Adexa _ Kitchen Equipment Brand

Our Recommendations:

  • Choose robust platforms like Magento 2 for their scalability and extensive feature sets.
  • Prioritize website speed optimization with lightweight themes like Hyvä. 
  • Implement performance optimization techniques.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.
  • Use analytics tools to monitor performance and gather user feedback.
  • Keep your website updated with the latest security patches and feature updates.

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Usage Statistics of Hyvä Magento Theme in 2023

Conceived in 2019, Hyvä is still a new technology that confidently expands all over the world. Thanks to its remarkable benefits and the way it relieves the issues with Luma, the solution has made a sound statement on the software development landscape.

The chart below demonstrates Hyvä themes usage statistics according to the website types. Although Hyvä is a comparatively small player in the market, it showcases incredible growth and accounts for over 2,000 users.

Hyvä’s popularity is confirmed by the significant traffic numbers: over 77,000 visits per month, with a continual upward tendency. Furthermore, Hyvä Magento themes penetrate numerous sectors, including:

  • Ecommerce business,
  • Corporate websites,
  • Culture and society sites,
  • Entertainment websites,
  • Health and wellness sites,
  • Lifestyle sites, and more. 

Experts forecast a further increase in the number of Hyvä adepts since, currently, the majority of consumers praise the solution and report the upgrades in their websites’ operation and conversion rates.

Both developers and business owners may benefit from Hyvä Themes.

What Advantages Come With Utilising Hyvä Magento Themes?

Hyvä Themes’ advantages for developers include less complexity. The theme builder does not need developers to have any specialized skills.

Developers are the focus of Hyvä Themes. Its user interface is straightforward and streamlined, making it simple and trouble-free to build themes.

Fewer dependencies are also involved, accelerating development and improving website performance.

Benefits of Hyvä Magento Themes for Developers:

  • SEO. A website’s lack of responsiveness is viewed as a “black mark.” When it comes to search engine optimization, Google will consider this. A website that adheres to SEO best practices is more likely to appear in Google search results. A website must load quickly, be clear to read and be simple to use in order to improve SEO. All of these criteria are met by Hyvä themes. Hyvä Themes are entirely responsive and compatible with a range of gadgets. Customers may quickly visit your site using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Flexibility. Almost any store owner wishes to make their online store stand out through unique design and features as well as give their customers a better user experience, so flexibility and customizability are crucial considerations when choosing a theme. Hyvä Themes offers great flexibility in terms of versatility and customization by utilizing contemporary frameworks.
  • The influence of a community. Thanks to a private Slack group, you get access to the Hyvä community and assistance when you buy a Hyvä theme.
  • Continual improvement. Regular updates add new features and functionalities to Hyvä Themes.

Benefits of Hyvä Magento Themes for eCommerce Website Owners:

  • Pricing. When opposed to Luma-based themes, the license fee for the Hyvä theme seems to be relatively high at first glance. When the elements mentioned above are considered, this view relativizes rather quickly upon second glance. One often spends more when utilizing a Luma theme by itself to improve performance than the Hyvä theme’s buying price (while experiencing performance that is still subpar). Hyvä is related to prospective additional savings.
  • Trendy technologies. It would be best if you tracked out experts who are familiar with Hyvä technology. Although Magento 2 themes are well-known to developers, Hyvä has a few nagging issues that are constantly there in the background.
  • Incompatibility. Another flaw of Hyvä is its incapacity to support third-party extensions out of the box. However, Hyvä offers compatibility modules to address the issue. Elasticsuite, Sentry, and Google Tag Manager Extensions are a few examples of possible solutions.
  • The Hyvä idea is simply too compelling and robust, both technically and commercially. The guys behind Hyvä are not just any folks; they have been engaged in the Magento community for a long time. They contribute not only the required skills but also the motivation and conviction to guarantee that Hyvä + Magento will continue to be, over time, the ideal combination for carrying out e-commerce projects of all shapes and sizes.

As for Disadvantages, They Look as Follows:

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Reasons to Implement Hyvä Magento Themes

  1. It’s a great chance to redesign the page without spending too much money.

When using Hyvä, you must virtually start again when building your page’s Frontend layer. This indicates that you may implement a new design with a high probability that the optimization and redesign won’t be noticeably more expensive than extensive and thorough performance optimization. Our guiding principle is to go slowly and deliberately, but in this instance, doing both at once makes total sense.

  1. The newly adopted Hyvä theme will be lighter, more contemporary, and simpler to maintain going forward.

The pattern indicates that Google will unquestionably raise the bar for expected page experiences. You have a much better starting point for optimization work using Hyvä. Going the Hyvä route will result in far higher overall outcomes than you could probably ever attain with your existing theme. The out-of-the-box theme will produce considerably better results.

  1. Hyvä is the newer technology.

In general, it costs less to maintain newer technologies. Unbeknownst to you, the technology stack that powers the default Magento Luma theme was chosen roughly 10 years ago when Magento 2.0 development got underway. Luma’s optimization job is already getting more challenging and time-consuming. Some activities are more expensive to complete, while others are just not feasible. The issue will only become worse. With Hyvä, you may prepare for the future.

  1. Hyvä’s creators and implementers are enthusiastic about the performance.

The network of engineers and businesses using Hyvä to enhance performance will continue to expand. On the other hand, the number of developers who are knowledgeable about and skilled in optimizing Luma may decrease.

  1. Hyvä has a fantastic and vibrant community; new things always appear.

It’s possible that something that wasn’t offered last month has already been provided by one of the Hyvä Partners or Suppliers or adopted by Hyvä as a business. There is a good probability that contributions from the community will benefit you.

  1. Components of buildings with Hyvä are frequently more comfortable for the engineer.

Working with Hyvä is a joy for developers. From a commercial standpoint, you should anticipate that if something happens, it will be simpler to find a replacement for your existing developer.

Key Takeaways For Hyvä Magento Theme

Hyvä Magento theme is a new yet popular solution that brings the functionality of your webstore to the next level. It effectively addresses the issues encountered with Luma, the default theme for Magento, and considerably eases the developers’ task. 

The fundamental distinguishing feature of the Hyva Magento theme is an excellent website performance it provides. Another differentiator is the opportunity for upgrades that allows responding to fresh technology trends. The savings in time and costs for Hyva theme development are likewise meaningful factors in favor of this solution.

We have thoughtfully analyzed Hyva’s upsides and downsides to offer you a clear picture of the product’s capacity and help you identify whether and how you should leverage it for your business.

Our team is passionate about working with Magento as a mighty and scalable ecommerce platform with plentiful features. We provide exquisite Magento Hyva theme development services that consider your goals and your CMS capacity. After analyzing your ideas and plans, we will come up with implementation recommendations that will elevate the functionality and performance of your website.

We will integrate Hyva Magento 2 theme, enabling you to squeeze maximum benefits from its use while avoiding pitfalls. Boasting a tremendous experience with Magento 2 themes, we have an excellent background to help your business prosper.

Do you want our assistance creating your Hyvä Magento store? Contact us now to discuss Magento 2 theme development!

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