Millions of stores worldwide work with Magento benefitting from the platform’s flexibility and scalability. Magento easily handles even the most complex projects; however, it is sometimes criticized for underperforming front-end, complexity in implementing improvements, and insufficient updates. Loading speeds, in particular, have a crucial effect on the ecommerce websites’ success. Moreover, after the recent updates in Google algorithms, poor loading speed may lead to a website’s failure to appear on the first page of search results.

In the 2021 Magento 2 community, Hyvä Magento Themes has created quite a stir. Its developers teased an alternative to Magento 2 Frontend with less complexity, more remarkable performance, and an enhanced development experience since October 2020. They intended to do this by removing cumbersome JS libraries and streamlining the stylesheet. If Hyvä didn’t already have everyone’s attention, it does now.

If you just want an appealing, well-optimized shop that nevertheless enjoys the benefits of robust Magento capabilities, Hyvä offers a fresh viewpoint.

Think of the Hyvä Magento 2 theme as an improved Luma for Magento. It is a frontend that the latter may have developed into but was unable to. In addition, Hyvä is a PWA substitute that frees you from the constraints of the JavaScript-only web.

In the sections below, you may learn more about the Hyvä theme for Magento, why it is superior to alternatives and whether it’s worth implementing on your website.

Table of Contents
  1. What Exactly Is Hyvä Magento Theme?
  2. Usage Statistics of Hyvä Magento Theme in 2023
  3. What Advantages Come With Utilising Hyvä Magento Themes?
  4. Reasons to Implement Hyvä Magento Themes
  5. Key Takeaways For Hyvä Magento Theme

What Exactly Is Hyvä Magento Theme?

Essentially, Hyvä is Magento’s front-end theme, providing rich functionality. It encompasses a toolkit, a range of extensions, and comprehensive support. 

Hyva Theme has already marked its path with great success. Originally, Magento 2 Hyva theme stems from Magento 2; however, it provides multiple creative opportunities for expanding the given capacity. With superior speed and performance, Hyva can efficiently substitute PWA releasing you from the constraints of the JavaScript-only web.

Which features does Hyvä Magento bring to the table?

  • Simplicity

The theme is created from the ground up with the utilization of a PHP-templating system integrated into Magento. The front-end has been comprehensively rebuilt for maximum ease of use. It delights developers, as the theme excludes the elements they dislike, such as RequireJS, Knockout, UIComponents.

  • Enhanced performance

This is what Magento Hyvä themes are extolled for. Gaining maximum by all paramount metrics in the Google search engine, the solution outperforms both Luma and PWAs. Ultimately, it can help users raise their SEO rankings.

  • Minimum time-to-market

Taking its roots in Magento, the theme is prompt and effortless for Hyva Magento developers to implement. They can save up to 50% of time when building the Hyva theme, thereby reducing the time needed to run the store.

  • Abundant functionality and opportunities

Users can enjoy more than 140 compatible extensions, integrated updates, and communication with a support community.

Which components do Hyvä themes for Magento include?

For the convenience of developers and consumers, Hyvä eliminates bulky elements making syntax straightforward and intuitive.

Hyva removes:

  • RequireJS
  • jQuery
  • KnockoutJS
  • LESS
  • UI Components

Hyva includes:

  • TailwindCSS
  • AlpineJS
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Webpack

Usage Statistics of Hyvä Magento Theme in 2023

Conceived in 2019, Hyva is still a new technology that confidently expands all over the world. Thanks to its remarkable benefits and the way it relieves the issues with Luma, the solution has made a sound statement on the software development landscape.

The chart below demonstrates Hyvä themes usage statistics according to the website types. Although Hyvä is a comparatively small player in the market, it showcases incredible growth and accounts for over 2,000 users.

Hyva’s popularity is confirmed by the significant traffic numbers: over 77,000 visits per month, with a continual upward tendency. Furthermore, Hyvä Magento themes penetrate numerous sectors, including:

  • Ecommerce business,
  • Corporate websites,
  • Culture and society sites,
  • Entertainment websites,
  • Health and wellness sites,
  • Lifestyle sites, and more. 

Experts forecast further increase in the number of Hyva adepts since, currently, the majority of consumers praise the solution and report the upgrades in their websites’ operation and conversion rates.

Both developers and business owners may benefit from Hyvä Themes.

What Advantages Come With Utilising Hyvä Magento Themes?

Hyvä Themes’ advantages for developers include less complexity. The theme builder does not need developers to have any specialized skills.

Developers are the focus of Hyvä Themes. Its user interface is straightforward and streamlined, making it simple and trouble-free to build themes.

Fewer dependencies are also involved, accelerating development and improving website performance.

Benefits of Hyvä Magento Themes for Developers:

  • SEO. A website’s lack of responsiveness is viewed as a “black mark.” When it comes to search engine optimization, Google will consider this. A website that adheres to SEO best practices is more likely to appear in Google search results. A website must load quickly, be clear to read and be simple to use in order to improve SEO. All of these criteria are met by Hyvä themes. Hyvä Themes are entirely responsive and compatible with a range of gadgets. Customers may quickly visit your site using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Flexibility. Almost any store owner wishes to make their online store stand out through unique design and features as well as give their customers a better user experience, so flexibility and customizability are crucial considerations when choosing a theme. Hyvä Themes offers great flexibility in terms of versatility and customization by utilizing contemporary frameworks.
  • The influence of a community. Thanks to a private Slack group, you get access to the Hyvä community and assistance when you buy a Hyvä theme.
  • Continual improvement. Regular updates add new features and functionalities to Hyvä Themes.

Benefits of Hyvä Magento Themes for eCommerce Website Owners:

  • Pricing. When opposed to Luma-based themes, the license fee for the Hyvä theme seems to be relatively high at first glance. When the elements mentioned above are considered, this view relativizes rather quickly upon second glance. One often spends more when utilizing a Luma theme by itself to improve performance than the Hyvä theme’s buying price (while experiencing performance that is still subpar). Hyvä is related to prospective additional savings.
  • Trendy technologies. It would be best if you tracked out experts who are familiar with Hyvä technology. Although Magento 2 themes are well-known to developers, Hyvä has a few nagging issues that are constantly there in the background.
  • Incompatibility. Another flaw of Hyvä is its incapacity to support third-party extensions out of the box. However, Hyvä offers compatibility modules to address the issue. Elasticsuite, Sentry, and Google Tag Manager Extensions are a few examples of possible solutions.
  • The Hyvä idea is simply too compelling and robust, both technically and commercially. The guys behind Hyvä are not just any folks; they have been engaged in the Magento community for a long time. They contribute not only the required skills but also the motivation and conviction to guarantee that Hyvä + Magento will continue to be, over time, the ideal combination for carrying out e-commerce projects of all shapes and sizes.


As for Disadvantages, They Look as Follows:

Reasons to Implement Hyvä Magento Themes

  1. It’s a great chance to redesign the page without spending too much money.

When using Hyvä, you must virtually start again when building your page’s Frontend layer. This indicates that you may implement a new design with a high probability that the optimization and redesign won’t be noticeably more expensive than extensive and thorough performance optimization. Our guiding principle is to go slowly and deliberately, but in this instance, doing both at once makes total sense.

  1. The newly adopted Hyvä theme will be lighter, more contemporary, and simpler to maintain going forward.

The pattern indicates that Google will unquestionably raise the bar for expected page experiences. You have a much better starting point for optimization work using Hyvä. Going the Hyvä route will result in far higher overall outcomes than you could probably ever attain with your existing theme. The out-of-the-box theme will produce considerably better results.

  1. Hyvä is the newer technology.

In general, it costs less to maintain newer technologies. Unbeknownst to you, the technology stack that powers the default Magento Luma theme was chosen roughly 10 years ago when Magento 2.0 development got underway. Luma’s optimization job is already getting more challenging and time-consuming. Some activities are more expensive to complete, while others are just not feasible. The issue will only become worse. With Hyvä, you may prepare for the future.

  1. Hyvä’s creators and implementers are enthusiastic about the performance.

The network of engineers and businesses using Hyvä to enhance performance will continue to expand. On the other hand, the number of developers who are knowledgeable about and skilled in optimizing Luma may decrease.

  1. Hyvä has a fantastic and vibrant community; new things always appear.

It’s possible that something that wasn’t offered last month has already been provided by one of the Hyvä Partners or Suppliers or adopted by Hyvä as a business. There is a good probability that contributions from the community will benefit you.

  1. Components of buildings with Hyvä are frequently more comfortable for the engineer.

Working with Hyvä is a joy for developers. From a commercial standpoint, you should anticipate that if something happens, it will be simpler to find a replacement for your existing developer.

Key Takeaways For Hyvä Magento Theme

Hyvä Magento theme is a new yet popular solution that brings the functionality of your webstore to the next level. It effectively addresses the issues encountered with Luma, the default theme for Magento, and considerably eases the developers’ task. 

The fundamental distinguishing feature of the Hyva Magento theme is an excellent website performance it provides. Another differentiator is the opportunity for upgrades that allows responding to fresh technology trends. The savings in time and costs for Hyva theme development are likewise meaningful factors in favor of this solution.

We have thoughtfully analyzed Hyva’s upsides and downsides to offer you a clear picture of the product’s capacity and help you identify whether and how you should leverage it for your business.

Our team is passionate about working with Magento as a mighty and scalable ecommerce platform with plentiful features. We provide exquisite Magento Hyva theme development services that consider your goals and your CMS capacity. After analyzing your ideas and plans, we will come up with implementation recommendations that will elevate the functionality and performance of your website.

We will integrate Hyva Magento 2 theme, enabling you to squeeze maximum benefits from its use while avoiding pitfalls. Boasting a tremendous experience with Magento 2 themes, we have an excellent background to help your business prosper.

Do you want our assistance creating your Hyvä Magento store? Contact us now to discuss Magento 2 theme development!