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  1. Magento 2.3.x Will Reach the End of Support in September 2022
  2. In a Nutshell About Impact of Magento 2.3 End of Support
  3. Magento 2 Upgrade 2.3 to 2.4 | Benefits and News
  4. How to Upgrade Magento 2.3 to 2.4
  5. Success Story of the USA-based Textile Store That Opted For Magento 2.4 Upgrade
  6. Need Help With Your Magento 2.4 Upgrade?

Time to Update Magento to 2.4.7

Keep your Magento store running smoothly with the latest version. Benefit from improved performance and security. Last update: April 17, 2024.

Magento 2.3 has been available since November 2018. Magento 2.4. X versions have now surpassed Magento 2.3, and Adobe has officially confirmed that Magento will be phased out (End Of Life).

The Magento 2.3 End of Life will have significant consequences for active websites running on the Magento platform 2.3 and lower, including no further software maintenance and security patches after September 8th, 2022. This has also put an end to all quality fixes for Magento websites using version 2.3 as of July 2021.

Let’s dive deeper into what Magento 2.3 end of life means and why Magento 2.4 upgrade and Magento website maintenance are so crucial in 2022.

Magento 2.3.x Will Reach the End of Support in September 2022

  • No More Updates

Magento 2.3 will become outdated, and no more updates will be offered. These upgrades will contain security fixes, quality improvements, and adjustments to PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. These upgrades will be inaccessible to the unsupported version, putting their online shop and customers’ data in danger.

  • You Won’t Be Able To File Support Tickets For Magento 2.3

Support requests for unsupported versions of the Magento platform will no longer be recognized. This suggests that assistance will be restricted even when the retailers require it. Moreover, due to a lack of security and technological updates, Magento 2.3 web businesses will eventually require extensive technical maintenance.

  • Magento Marketplace Extensions With Restrictions

Magento Marketplace extensions that are only compatible with the unsupported version of Magento will be effectively withdrawn. With time, Magento 2.3 stores will be unable to employ the majority of the extensions required to run the store. Furthermore, these online shops will not have access to new extensions or features, restricting their ability to properly manage the site.

  • Magento 2.3 Documentation Will Be Removed From Their Website

The developer documentation for the outdated versions of Magento will likewise be deleted from the website. As a result, developers will no longer be able to use these documents for troubleshooting or adding new features to the eCommerce shop.

In a Nutshell About Impact of Magento 2.3 End of Support

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The primary point of using Magento 2.4 before September 2022 is maintaining optimal performance while guarding against the most recent security risks. The majority of the defects and problems that retailers had with Magento 2.3 have been fixed in the new version.

Magento 2.4 will provide its users access to various new features and developments, in addition to continuing to provide unrestricted support. Among them are:

  • New security patches.
  • From the core code of Magento 2.3, many hundred bugs were fixed.
  • Performance upgrades.
  • Supporting PHP 7+ versions to strengthen the foundation of the platform.
  • Include code modifications to improve admin response time and API speed to support the deployment of large catalogues.
  • Modifications to payment methods, including an improved JavaScript SDK for PayPal in Magento 2.4.
  • Updated user interface and enhanced media gallery, Adobe Stock integration.
  • Improved logic for invalidating portions with customer data.
  • The administrator can search, sort, and filter photos 30X faster thanks to the New Media Gallery.
  • To accommodate multi-store modes, in-store pickup and bundle items are offered.
  • PWA Development
  • Headless Commerce.

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Magento 2 Upgrade 2.3 to 2.4 | Benefits and News

  • First, go over Adobe’s really comprehensive Magento 2.4 Upgrade Guide.
  • Examine your technological stack to check that you’re using Magento 2.4-compatible versions.
  • Make a list of all the modules you’re utilizing. 
  • Document any adjustments you’ve made if you haven’t already.
  • Run the update via a few dry runs in a small setting.
  • After you’ve completed your initial upgrade locally, you should have a decent idea of which components are working well and which require improvement. 
  • As you refactor any code, keep upgrading/testing locally.
  • Deploy the updated code into an integration environment and have your QA team test it once everything looks okay locally.

How to Upgrade Magento 2.3 to 2.4

Detailed Guide on How to Upgrade Magento 2.3 to 2.4 Read On

In almost all cases, the Magento 2.4 upgrade process is very tedious for the client to handle. Magento 2 upgrade 2.3 to 2.4 is an essential but delicate process. This is one of our clients’ most common challenges before reaching out to us.

Upgrading to Magento 2.4 comes with a lot of improved features. Some include the upgraded database and architecture design. This provides a user-friendly interface for customers to make the site navigation smoother.

Over 2 years of constant Magento maintenance and support, our team has added new functionality and numerous integrations, allowing the client to increase sales and market their product in Europe.

It is safe to say that Magento 2.4 improves the quality of your eCommerce store while implementing a lot of valuable and unique features. It increases your conversion rate by making the shopping experience of the customers a comfortable and smooth one. 

If you are running your store on an old platform and you want to enjoy the benefits of Magento 2, then reach out to us to learn more about Magento maintenance services to keep your eShop updated.

Success Story of the USA-based Textile Store That Opted For Magento 2.4 Upgrade

Magento 2.3 End of Life and Magento maintenance and support

It is natural to consider the upgrade as a nuisance and to be overwhelmed by the entire procedure. WebMeridian will assist you from start to finish with the Magento 2.4 upgrade. We would be delighted to evaluate your demands and business requirements and develop a strategy to meet them. We recommend that you begin the process as soon as feasible, rather than waiting to the point of no return.

And time is running out. You’ll be on your own if you’re still running Magento 2.3 beyond September 8th, 2022. So please don’t put it off.

Learn more about our services, receive more information on the benefits of switching, and get started by calling us for a free consultation. Our crew is always ready to assist you.

Need Help With Your Magento 2.4 Upgrade?

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