Dedicated Team

Our team will be dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver a high-quality eCommerce website that will shape your business and industry. Besides constantly enhancing our development and design skills, our trusted experts understand the SEO and business of online shops. We listen to your target audience, analyse your business field, boost feature set build a next-gen online store on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or Shopware.

What Is a Dedicated Team Structure?

When you hire a dedicated development team, you cooperate with a team immersed in your software project, fully dedicated, synced with your on-site one and available for round-the-clock communication. We gather a dedicated development team from the ground up and configure it according to the customer's needs.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

In case when you need to hire a dedicated development team for a quick start and without an extra recruitment fee, you should follow these steps: Ask colleges in your professional circles for recommendations and referral. It's a safe and proven method. Tech events are a great way to look for talented developers. If you're open to remote cooperation, you should explore online software development hiring platforms such as, GoodFirms, YouTeam, TopTal, Upwork, etc. Or, consider our services and dedicated development team. Our specialists have a great mix of code and soft skills that ensure a high-quality and seamless team augmentation process. Moreover, we provide a quick start and team set up.

How to Choose a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Before hiring, you should explore the difference between locations of offshore and nearshore software development companies, time zones, average developer salary, hourly rate, security aspects, etc. So, it would be best if you implemented a clear hiring plan. With X-ray vision, you should scan the candidates' CV and pay attention to both technical and communication skills. Then, you interview picked-out candidates and decide they are a perfect match or no. When you choose the best-fitted ones, you can move further. X-Moment has come! Your much-coveted team is on full alert for the project deployment.

What We Solve

Flexible Approach

We are a team of trusted tech experts that empower your online business. You'll get not only coders but skilled specialists with business-oriented thinking that help you level up an e-shop. So, dedicated experts suggest improvements and innovations over features set, UX design, and website impact on end-users. With departments' synergy, we deliver cutting-edge eCommerce solutions.

Solutions in a Short Time

We pick up domain experts for each project delivered with hard work, integrity, honesty and dedication. Our experts develop sales-focussed eCommerce shops within the predefined time frame and budget. We take care of global standards and a well-thought-out project roadmap as it's key to a robust, secure, and seamless website, as well as ensure the relevance of an online shop for years to come.

Real Estimates

Delivering cutting-edge, competent, efficient, high-class, as well as cost-effective services is our primary focus. Before writing even the first line of code, we collect insights about your business issues and requirements, dive deep into users' behaviour to build the money-generated website well from the start. So, we do not have to dig around the front-end or back-end later. In this way, our skilled experts prevent exceeding the estimate.

Benefits of Dedicated Team for Your Project

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