eCommerce Business Analysis Services

It's a turtle on which everything is held. Every project begins with the groundwork. A strategic strategy with deep insights is required to fulfil the project's full potential and remain competitive in the market.

How It Works

What We Can Propose

  • Conduct user interviews
  • Build empathy map and user journey
  • Conduct user testing
  • Investigate the problems’ root cause
  • Define what should be fixed and changed (tech and design part)
  • Conduct competitors analysis
  • Prepare well-thought-out prototypes

Your Probable Problems

  • Low conversion rate
  • Poor mobile adaptability
  • High shopping cart abandonment rate
  • Numerous complaints from users
  • Inventory loss and delays
  • Lack of visibility and tracking
  • Lack of technical expertise
  • No product branding and positioning strategy

What We Solve

  • Build a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Rebuild information architecture that allows users to perform critical actions in a minute
  • Fix the problems with flows and poor functionality
  • Automation of inventory management
  • Improvement of returns management
  • Main features are defined based on competitors’ analysis and primary users’ needs
  • The most suitable user interface and site navigation will be built based on user interviews and testing
  • Development of product value and positioning strategy

Business analysis consulting services - WebMeridian

Benefits For You as eCommerce Business Owner

  • Attract and capture leads 
  • Increase clients’ loyalty 
  • Design the exceptional product value 
  • Increase sales and customers satisfaction
  • Save cost per excluding not needed features from the scope
  • “Kill” end-user’s pains

Deliverables You Will Get

  • List of functional changes
  • Information architecture
  • Easy-to-use wireframes and prototypes
  • Estimate, Preliminary Roadmap & Resource Plan
  • New UI&UX design
  • List of features that are affected by changes
  • List of recommended integration and plugins

Don't Let a Complex Admin Panel Slow You Down

We'll build a user-friendly admin for easy order processing and enhanced marketing and sales opportunities.

Discovery Phase

It’s a solid foundation for an eCommerce site.

We get to the heart of business issues, carry out proper business analysis, and help you build a solution whose potential you’d never even imagine.

Starting Point

During the discovery phase, we set the direction and build a robust basis for the entire project, just as the wave sets it for the surfer. We help you identify and tackle failures at the earliest stages and build a basis for:

Results of eCommerce Business Analysis & Consulting Services

The Core Steps of Preparing for Developing a Profitable eCommerce Site

Success is based on ideas’ proof. This statement is the primary goal of eCommerce Business Analysis & Consulting Services. 

  • The research adds unique value to end-users.
  • Business profile insights allow for developing an eShop that gets ahead
  • Accurate estimates boost the effectivenesses of the usage of your resources

We “kill” end-user’s pains. – Cover a more vast audience. – You gain higher revenue.

Business analysis consulting services - Discovery Phase

Migration-Magento 1.9 to 2.3


Manufacturer Of Camera-Monitor
And Driver Assistance Systems






Migration to Magento 2,
Support and Maintenance

Case Study

Custom Magento Development


Jewellery multi-shop platform






eCommerce Consulting & BA, Magento Development, SEO Audit and Optimisation

Case Study

Get an eCommerce Expert Consultation

Our Adobe Business Practitioner will audit and optimize your site for robust performance.

Project Powers

VS Without Discovery Phase & BA

  • Continuously returning to issue fixes made in the earliest stages
  • Money-saver returns into a huge hole in your budget
  • The probable improper feature set
  • Unsolved users’ pains
  • Challenging further extension of eShop’s functionality
  • Possible shifts in deadlines

With Business Analysis & Consulting Services

  • The feature set meets your business goals, follows eCommerce trends and solves issues with user experience.
  • You gain a well-thought-out architecture and business logic of eShop
  • Identify potential roadblocks.
  • Tackle risks
  • Prevent issues and incompatibilities

eCommerce Business Analyst

Certified Commerce Business Practitioner

Experience: 5 years

Manages the process of development in the most efficient way

  • Matches your business goals with Magento 2 feasibilities, saving efforts
  • Creates and polishes your business requirements
  • Deep understanding of Magento 2 platform
  • Optimises usage of native features
The Importance of Project Documentation in eCommerce

Each type of documentation helps to meet the expectations of any of the interested parties regarding various aspects of its management and to combine the project's vision of these parties.

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More Insights From Our Blog

What Does a Business Analyst Do in eCommerce?

Business analysts are experts who look into the requirements and objectives of customers and businesses, spot problems and offer solutions.

Who Is an eCommerce Analyst?

An eCommerce business analyst is in charge of determining, analysing, and correcting requirements, establishing system logic, and creating connections. BA creates a structure of functional and non-functional needs from corporate goals.

How Much Does It Cost to Conduct an eCommerce Business Analysis Project?

This stage of the eCommerce development project can take anywhere from 20-100 hours, depending on the complexity of your project and how well-prepared you are.  Hourly eCommerce BA's Rates in Ukraine are $30-$55.

What Is Included In eCommerce Business Analysis

Interview: Our team performs a series of interviews with them to understand better the client’s project team’s expectations for the eShop, as well as to assess the client’s competitors, target market, and current infrastructure, and to gather project requirements. Research: We involve key employees in our research, including the project manager, technical team leads, and the UI/UX design team. Our experts research the target market, competitors, norms, and trends in the industry, client brands specifically, current technology, and third-party platforms. Workshop: Meetings/workshops with the client and their project teams will be held as soon as the project requirements and findings have been outlined to conduct a complete review and ensure everyone is on the same page. Deliverables: The discovery, documentation, and reports outcomes will be presented during the kick-off meeting. Our team must successfully convey the findings of our study, lay out the suggested course of action, and provide the customer with a step-by-step roadmap for system development.

What does an eCommerc Business Analyst do?

An eCommerce business analyst is responsible for analyzing and interpreting data related to online retail operations. They typically work for businesses that sell products or services through websites or other digital channels.

What are the services of a Business Analyst?

An eCommerce business analyst is responsible for analyzing various aspects of an eCommerce business, such as sales performance, customer behavior, marketing campaigns, and website performance. The main goal of an eCommerce business analyst is to identify opportunities for improvement and growth, as well as potential risks and challenges.

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