eCommerce Website Optimization Solutions

95% of online stores miss out on 3/4 of their search traffic due to common eCommerce mistakes such as poor strategy and design, complicated navigation, and insufficient product and checkout pages. We assist with eCommerce website optimization, helping you capture the missing traffic and boost conversion rates.

95% of online stores miss out on 3/4 of their search traffic. Were you aware of this?

Long story short, check out the video below...

Free eCommerce Website Audit

Certified eCommerce experts will analyze your online store for over 120 different parameters. Receive a complimentary audit report and recommendations from WebMeridian experts.

eCommerce Website Optimization Solutions

Collection and Analysis of Search Queries

Initially, we research how users search for your products. Then, we group search queries and form clusters based on these groups. Our SEO experts also analyze the competition for various search queries. This stage of eCommerce website optimization helps us understand how potential customers search for your products and identifies search queries with low competition, making it possible to achieve high rankings in search engines.

eCommerce Website Structure

Next, we create a structure of relevant pages while adhering to the hierarchy (category, subcategory). Using graphic editors, our experts visualize the correct structure of the online store, which is divided into several levels so that the pages are as relevant as possible to different user queries.

Technical Implementation

To effectively optimize eCommerce website, we must implement the right site structure; this is the foundation of a successful store. To achieve this, we customize the navigation menu and SEO filters. Properly configured SEO filters enable the generation of separate pages for filtered products based on specific parameters (classifiers). These pages are then interlinked within the specific category. Each page has its own unique URL, metadata, and content, allowing search engines to index them individually.

What Do You Gain From Optimizing eCommerce Website?

How to optimize ecommerce website

Migration-Magento 1.9 to 2.3


Manufacturer Of Camera-Monitor
And Driver Assistance Systems






Migration to Magento 2,
Support and Maintenance

Case Study

Shopify Custom Theme Development


Store that sells video editing tools & online courses for mastering the art of video editing




Video Editing


Shopify Custom Theme Development,
Store Speed Optimization

Case Study

Clients’ Reviews

Dominic Foerst, CEO at Web Consulting Agency

“We already worked with WebMeridian, and I knew that they could do any task related to Magento store development in time, and at the highest quality. With WebMeridian, we have smooth communication; they react quickly and solve any issues efficiently. We have already achieved better performance results, improved overall functioning of the store, and fixed small site issues.”

Jonas Carp, CEO at Tischline GmbH

“They stuck to the deadlines and helped us maintain our store and fix all the critical issues. They significantly improved several processes and order handling, removed security issues and improved user navigation experience for mobiles. We saw our sales increase by almost 5,000% in 2020 thanks to WebMeridian.”

Sascha Jaggi, CEO at GmbH

“They helped us with eCommerce project development on Shopware. I liked their effective communication and the overall quality of the work that they’ve done so far. They have proven themselves to be a reliable and effective development partner through their superb communication skills and their ability to consistently deliver high-quality work on time.”

Aoife Ryan, Online Sales & Marketing Head at Musical Instruments Store

“They are professional and friendly. WebMeridian showed a high quality of work, provided clear milestones and met all the deadlines. We got a fully-functional eCommerce store and felt good support from the WebMeridian team.”

John Karalis, CEO at Netsteps

“WebMeridian successfully delivered a complex web solution using the Magento framework by the estimated deadline, showing accuracy and professionalism. The team was communicative, as well as very responsive to our needs.”

Gideon Weiler, CEO at RNB

“They are responsive, flexible, and make everything as we want. They have developed the website and accomplished goals set by our company. The project is still going, and we continue working with the team.”

Begin eCommerce Website Optimization

The structure of a website is akin to the foundation of a house. Lay a solid groundwork for your business's growth with a properly configured store.

eCommerce Website Optimization FAQs

Do you perform eCommerce Website Optimization on Shopify online stores?

Yes, we do. Our team works with both custom online stores and websites developed on popular CMS platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Shopware, etc.

How long does the process of optimizing eCommerce website take?

The duration of the work on eCommerce website optimization is calculated individually. Please contact us so that we can review your project and provide an estimate of the time frame.

What is an eCommerce SEO audit?

An eCommerce SEO audit is a multi-faceted examination of an online shop to evaluate its welfare and effectiveness. It examines several areas, including technical, on-page, off-page SEO, local SEO, UX, and credibility. The audit's aim is to reveal weaknesses to elevate the site's search rankings, facilitate traffic, and drive online sales.

How to conduct an eCommerce SEO audit for optimizing eCommerce website?

Begin by planning the audit process. Establish your goals, identify core areas for assessment, and decide whether you will hire a professional partner. Based on our SEO best practices checklist, we recommend starting with a technical examination. Then, proceed to address other SEO audit components. Once the inspection is complete, analyze the report and prioritize your actions for improvement

What does an audit for optimizing an eCommerce website include?

An audit entails a comprehensive review of the site's online authority components within and beyond. These include keyword optimization, site structure, content quality, device accessibility, page load speed, backlinks, and social media presence. The audit gathers various types of data to measure the performance of an eCommerce store, evaluate your brand’s reputation, and uncover any issues.

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