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Start your product development with us. WebMeridian provides quality designing & development services with a collaborative approach to meet customer's business requirements.

What is Product Development?

Product development, especially in the context of eCommerce, is about creating something, innovating where we can, enhancing its value, improving upon it, or presenting in a way that appeals to the target market appropriately. Product improvement for us is not just about developing ideas but ensuring that right out of the gate, you have everything you need, including a well-developed product. The goal for us here is to ensure that the product is designed and presented in a way that satisfies your clienteles.

Which Is an Example of Product Development?

A simple example of product development would be: Taking blank T-shirts and printing your designs on them or letting your customers choose their own designs so that you can offer value-added services in terms of printing and shipping. Packing premium cooking oil in smaller bottles so that you can remove the obstacle of prohibitive expense. The idea is to make a product more appealing or more convenient to your market, so you can strive even in niches that have other players. Developing an invention means identifying your advantage and utilising it.

When Do You Need Product Development?

Without product improvement, you could miss the advantage of having a product that people are attracted to when you hit the market. You need these services when: You need a competitive advantage to gain visibility; You have a new idea and would like to roll it out; You are introducing new products; Testing consumer trends; Incorporating new technology; Product development services are relevant in many product-related projects or changes. We have a team ready to work with you on it.

What We Solve

Concept Development

Every product development process begins with an idea. Our team comes up with the idea that works best and then tests it to see if it will add value to your future or existing product. In concept development, we are setting the foundation for the industry. Whether by getting feedback from prevailing clients or introducing new products, our company is dedicated to working with you to help you find a winning concept, using the experience gained from past projects.


The analysis involves discovering if the product development process is working so far. Analysis can let you know what the market wants, what they love or hate about the product, what changes they may like to see, or if the value found in the ideas stage counts for something. The best way to get this information is by surveying to let your market tell you if they like the new ideas.

Brand Development

As a businessperson, your brand ought to be unique. The best way to stand out is to come up with a highly distinguishable image that makes you different from competitor services or products. The process of conceptualisation and branding enables us to develop the product further and align your development needs with your target market, communications (in marketing), and business objectives. We can help with line extension, brand extension, brand revamping, new brand strategies, and more.

Brand Logo Design

Part of the recognisability of business comes from the logo. For some, the logo is everything. If someone sees a logo, they are familiar with and associate with quality, value, and utility; they don't require validation to make purchases. Designing your brand logo is crucial because you don't just have to be creative while doing it but incorporate all the best practices that make it perfectly suited to your business and its objectives.

Website Design

Website development is the lifeblood of our business and the calling we always answer. When it comes to website design, we have a creative team that will work tirelessly to make your brand stand out among the competition, Website design is not just about being pretty, and we understand that. We use development skills and creativity at the same time to make your store enticing visually and functional in all the technical aspects.

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