Shopify has established itself as a robust eCommerce platform. You may easily create and launch your own unique eCommerce web store using the service. With the premium design options at your disposal, you’ll have access to a plethora of the site’s bells and whistles (tools, apps, and designs) to help you achieve your goals.

Shopify has its own App Store, which has an impressive collection of over 4,000 apps. The number of apps is growing daily as more designers come up with new concepts and others refine their existing ones with upgrades that fix bugs. Keep in mind that the needs and requirements of merchants change every year.

The apps you’ll find on the site aren’t just Shopify-made but also third-party selections. There are still apps being built and expanded every day to improve the functionality, shipping, secure checkout, SEO, marketing, speed optimization, drop sharing, and management of your eCommerce site. The average order value (AOV) will rise if you have and use the proper Shopify apps. Perhaps it’s time you sat down and thought about which apps would be best for your site’s needs and then gently began to integrate them into the platform to add more functionality and better fulfil the demands of your clients.

You’ll find both free and premium must-have Shopify apps. Whether you manage a small, family-owned business or a large, successful corporation, the Shopify app store has apps for all sizes and sectors. It’s great to have so many options, but it can also be overwhelming. This article will look at the Shopify apps that every merchant should have in 2021.

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  1. What Are the Best Upsell Apps for Shopify?
  2. Must Have Shopify Apps for Marketing
  3.  Shopify Apps You Must Have for Proper Customer Support
  4.  For Product Subscriptions
  5. Key Takeaways About Must Have Shopify Apps

An upsell has the advantage of being able to occur in various locations on your eCommerce store, including:

  • the cart page, 
  • post-purchase funnel, 
  • product page, 
  • and others. 

Suppose you want to provide an upgrade upsell. In that case, you should put it on the product page because very few customers will go out of their way to replace an item once they’ve added it to their cart or checked out.

There are a number of apps to explore, such as Bold Upsell, which allows you to recommend a higher-value product instead of an item. Essentially, the visitor adds an item to their cart from the product page but is then presented with a high-priced item that they can easily replace it with. Of course, the more expensive item will be better, a step-up, have more features, or whatever else is needed to make it even more enticing and look like a must-have and better value.

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What Are the Best Upsell Apps for Shopify?

The Best Upsell Shopify Apps

ReConvert is unique in that it is one of Shopify’s apps. It allows you to personalize and change various features of your website, such as the “Thank You” page. You can efficiently execute upsells and cross-sells with the benefits.  The would-be customer can easily add the additional bargain to their cart with a simple click of the mouse button.

ReConvert’s interface is simple to learn and use, which is one of its most significant advantages. Total sales also determine pricing. The biggest disadvantage is that it slows down loading times.

Sales - No more lost customers!

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

Also Bought is a Shopify app that focuses on cross-selling. The app’s overall structure is straightforward. Perhaps someone is looking at computers and thinking about buying one. The app plugin recognizes that if someone buys a laptop, they are likely to purchase other accessories as well; thus it will display those goods on the product page.

It also has the power to boost the AOV, causing the person to purchase more than one good. Instead, they’ll be inspired to buy the accessories that they might not have considered before seeing them on the page. Consider the app to be a helpful reminder. When it comes to shopping, everyone forgets something. Still, this app offers helpful suggestions for items the consumer may not have considered.

Also Bought

People never want to feel as though they’ve been left out; they constantly wish for what their neighbours have.

Nudgify is based on this psychological reaction. It ‘nudges’ the consumer in the proper way. Buyers can become lost at times, but you can swiftly point them in the right path with a little direction. This is how Nudgify functions and why it is so popular.

The Shopify app comes to life with simple pop-up boxes that show visitors that other people have recently purchased what they are considering. The logic behind this action is that it will motivate viewers to purchase the item before the shelves run out. It’s all about putting pressure on someone to move swiftly or risk missing out on an excellent chance.

The app is also expected to establish a strong sense of trust, which will automatically boost sales and foster a sense of loyalty with the buyer, which is the key to assuring repeat


Wise is the upsell app that generates product recommendations based on best-selling, trending, recently viewed, related, also purchased, commonly purchased, and similar. Using upsell and cross-sell widgets, the application appears to increase a business’s review by 20 to 30%.

One of the advantages of this app is how customizable it is. You have the option of using their free plan or one of three paid options.

SEO - Tired of being buried in search results_

Wiser – Personalised Recommendations

Using a countdown timer to create urgency is a classic strategy that this Shopify app does. When a timer appears, buyers feel compelled to make a decision for some reason. The timer works well, and people rapidly begin adding items to their cart that they might not have considered before if they hadn’t realized ‘time’ was running out.

Everything becomes rushed, but it appears to be a good strategy for securing a sale.

You may also utilize the app to provide a discount or a free gift with orders that meet a minimum purchase threshold if they are placed within a certain time limit.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar

Who doesn’t have a mental shopping list?

Customers can create their own personalized wish list of products they want to buy soon, such as when payday arrives or during the holidays, using Wishlist Plus. They can also share their wish list with their relatives and friends.

A person will use the wish list to place a significant order at a specific period such as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or another gift-giving occasion. Kids, in particular, enjoy creating wishlists for their parents on computers. Bridal registries and baby shower gift lists can also be personalized and refined

Wishlist Plus

SMART Bundle Upsell will track all cart goods and browsing behaviour and create targeted upsell tactics. You may even bundle products and enjoy advanced personalization. The benefits include excellent 24-hour customer service, customer rewards, and a simple setup.

SMART Bundle Upsell – Smart Upsells

Feedback forms, such as Form Builder, foster trust and encourage customer interaction. You may quickly gather information on your customers, which can be crucial to your long-term business.

Feedback Forms

Must-Have Shopify Apps for Marketing 1

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Apps designed specifically for marketing are vital for any successful eCommerce business. If you want to boost your marketing strength and raise business visibility, an app can help you get there. It is really simple to select the most popular marketing apps.

Must Have Shopify Apps for Marketing

The AVADA is a heavy-duty email marketing app. Its purpose is to concentrate on email marketing through automation and mass sending campaigns. The software allows you to create messages and send them to specific, hand-picked customers.

Are you thinking of running an email campaign?

The entire process is simplified by the use of pre-made email templates. You can also create pop-ups or popular, Wheel of Fortune-style spin wheels for your website. The software analyses the results of each campaign you start, allowing you to assess its effectiveness and make required adjustments.

AVADA SMS & Email Marketing Automation

NotifyVisitors is the answer for all online shop owners looking to up their email marketing game. It’s an email marketing app specifically designed for Shopify stores, allowing you to easily set up and launch email campaigns quickly and painlessly.
With its extensive drag and drop design tools, you can create professional email campaigns with ease, helping you grow your store and increase customer engagement. Its cutting edge targeting options give you the power to reach out to the right customers at the right time. Get started today with NotifyVisitors – your email marketing solution for Shopify!

NotifyVisitors Email & SMS Marketing

The most crucial issue that ecommerce vendors confront is probably recurrent abandoned carts. PushOwl helps you remind potential consumers that they have abandoned a cart. 

You may then offer them the subtle and persuading nudge they need to return and complete the transaction.  Provide a unique discount or try something different. 

Soon, you’ll have an entire bag of tricks at your disposal that you can use to make the sale and keep the consumers coming back.

Create a customized campaign or send out notifications when items are restocked. Customize the entire thing by adding buttons, text, and pictures. In the Shopify app store, this app has a five-star rating.

PushOwl – Web Push Notifications

Growave‘s all-in-one app package allows you to communicate with your customers in a welcoming manner.  You may share this on social media. You can surely expand your brand and offer it a unique personality. 

The sophisticated capabilities of the app allow you to build automatically personalised coupons, which help strengthen the store’s reputation.

Growave – All-In-One Marketing App

Consider getting your own personal assistant to assist you with Instagram and Facebook ad management. The Kit operates in a way similar to a conversation. Using this incredibly pleasant and simple-to-use AI, you can advertise and enhance your eCommerce sales.

Kit – Intelligent Facebook Ads

Loox allows you to add photo reviews directly on your eCommerce site. Products with their own brief overview are appealing. They facilitate the sale of the goods and pique the viewer’s attention.

People are visual therefore, most will glance at the photo with interest before taking a few minutes to read the brief review, which can assist boost your conversion rate. Choose which photo reviews you want to utilize and then style them on your site’s pages in areas that will catch people’s attention.

Alternatively, you may create a separate review page or place the reviews directly in front of the item. The software can also help you with automated emails asking for reviews. You can give discounts to customers who take the time to leave you a review.


ReferalCandy is a great word of mouth app. Running a referral program, creating campaigns, and tracking traffic sources are just a few of the perks of this app. 

ReferralCandy – Referral program

Shopify Apps for Customer Support 

Traffic has increased, and you must begin turning those people into paying customers. There’s a strong possibility they’ll have questions about shipping, prices, sales, rewards, and other topics, so you’ll want an app that can answer those concerns so everything works smoothly.

Below are some must have Shopify apps. 

 Shopify Apps You Must Have for Proper Customer Support

Items are frequently returned by customers. In reality, the actual return percentage in most situations is approximately 30%,  so you need to start preparing.  

Return Magic is one of the greatest programs since it allows you to handle everything effectively, whether you’re delivering a monetary return or a gift card. You can easily develop and print labels, give exchanges, and guarantee that automation handles each step effectively.

Return Magic – Product Return Solution

Shoelace assists you in creating retargeting strategies on Instagram and Facebook. The advertisements assist in educating and motivating your clients to return. They are an excellent approach to establishing long-term partnerships.

Shoelace – Retargeting Customers

Point of Sale works well both online and in person. The program allows you to accept money without paying any translation expenses. You may also sell offline while tracking performance and accepting payments. 

Performance - Boost Your Site's Performance During Peak Seasons!

Point of Sale – In-Person Sales

Give your consumers the incentives and rewards they want. Everything is made simpler with the Smile. You may construct the programs you want by choosing one of three styles.

Smile – Loyalty Program

Begin incorporating product subscriptions into your eCommerce store. Make recurring orders and simple checkouts.

 For Product Subscriptions

ReCharge‘s ultimate purpose is to make building your eCommerce site a snap. You may generate quick subscriptions and achieve spectacular growth. You may even be able to boost client involvement.


Allow customers to make timely purchases before launching a subscription. With the help of this helpful software, you can keep clients enrolled.

Bold Subscriptions

The Upscribe app goes beyond basic subscriptions to really build subscriber numbers. The purchasing procedure has never been more straightforward.


Must have Shopify apps provide outstanding functionality that can significantly improve your eCommerce site. Without a doubt, Shopify has risen to the top due to its excellent platforms and plethora of apps. Profit gains are in your future if you use any of the applications in this post, whether you want to enhance income or make the selling process more manageable.

By combining their IT consulting expertise, our team of excerpts can assist you in growing your eCommerce business. Order our all-in-one services to assist you in overcoming your technological obstacles and rising to the top with strong consumer loyalty.

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We cannot let you go without some more tips in the end.

Key Takeaways About Must Have Shopify Apps

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FAQs About Must-Have Shopify Apps

What is the most widely used Shopify app?

According to the App Store, the most popular Shopify apps include (Excluding Free Apps): Feed for Google Shopping, Infinite Options, Loox, ShipStation

How many Shopify applications will there be in 2021?

With a large inventory of over 234 extensions for your online business. The majority of these applications are available in the Shopify App Store, which has over 4000 apps created by Shopify and third-party firms. Many more applications are still being developed and expanded by dedicated app developers like us, Avada.

How many Shopify apps is too many?

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your Admin's Apps page. The cost of testing and installing apps may quickly build up. You may fast go from 5 applications that truly aid performance and workflow to 25 apps, 17 of which are no longer in use.

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