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  1. What Is Shopware?
  2. Things That Make Shopware Popular
  3. Shopware 6 vs Shopware 5 – Key Differences
  4. Shopware 6 Release News – May 2022
  5. Migration to Shopware 6
  6. Key Takeaways of Migration to Shopware 6
  7. Benefits of Our Shopware Development Agency

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Shopware is a lean and highly flexible product that can be easily adapted to meet your requirements. Shopware is user-friendly and future-oriented to truly enhance your shopping platform to make your business stand out from the rest.

Your site’s performance should be the top concern of any Shopware development agency.

Our team implements the latest powerful version of Shopware development to create a user-friendly, future-oriented shopping platform. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits, pitfalls and new Shopware 6 features that help meet your needs and make your vision of the perfect store!

What Is Shopware?

Shopware is a remarkably powerful technology. The base code can directly impact the entire performance of the system, which makes it highly efficient. 

Shopware enables retailers to quickly adapt to new business models and test them in real time, such as digital events, subscription services, consultations, and highly customisable items – whether purchased or rented. The power of human imagination has no bounds.

With the plugin system, both the back end and front end are extendable, allowing customisation of any eCommerce store. Our developers can make your eCommerce shopping site more functional and diverse.

  • Open-Source Platform

Shopware is an open-source eCommerce platform. Since it was released under the MIT licence, that is known for providing few restrictions on reuse.

  • Active Community

Shopware is a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform that will give the comfort to develop and grow according to business needs.

  • Faster Development

Constantly improving, updating, and modifying the code and documents in order to make faster development. Also, it follows the API first approach and uses the Rule Builder.

  • Rich User Interface

Shopware uses REST APIs and provides a user-friendly interface for both customers and administrators.

Things That Make Shopware Popular

  1. Shopware Multi-Vendor Marketplace
  2. Shopware Multichannel Connector
  3. Marketing Automation Solutions
  4. Shopware Order Management
  5. Shopware Enterprise Solution
  6. Shopware B2B B2C Marketplace
  7. Shopware Speed Optimisation
  8. Shopware POS Development
  9. eStore Auditing & Consultation

Shopware Solutions for Diverse eCommerce Industry

Shopware’s innovative features, which are updated on a regular basis, may help you adapt your brand and turn informal touchpoints into key trust points. With Shopware, your customers may have a truly exceptional experience. As a consequence, you’ll be able to make more money, grow your business, and soar to new heights.


A close examination reveals considerable disparities in technological elements as well as user experience. Shopware 6, which has a brand-new Symfony-based kernel, may provide users with a much-improved performance. Due to the API-first strategy, Shopware 6’s integration capabilities are vastly increased over Shopware 5. In addition, Shopware 6’s current version has improved integration possibilities, making it far more helpful. Furthermore, the Community versions were created under the MIT licence.

  • Admin Panel

The most noticeable difference between Shopware 6 and Shopware 5 is the admin panel. It is built on the Vue.js framework as a development basis. In the near future, Vue.js is projected to replace React and Angular in games. Because of the comfort and simplicity of the established infrastructure, small to medium-sized web projects will most likely go in the path of Vue.js. All procedures and processes are more accessible, and they’re also easier to keep track of.

  • Webpack 

Shopware 6 is built using the Webpack framework. In recent years, internet heavyweights such as Airbnb, Adobe, and Slack have trusted this static asset generator, which has grown in popularity.

Shopware 6 vs Shopware 5 – Key Differences

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  • Content Production of High Quality

When working with Shopware 6, your inventiveness has no bounds. Even if you don’t know any computer languages, you may create an innovative design using Shopware 6’s graphical interface. With Shopware 6’s great handling capabilities, you may sell any product in any quantity.

  • SEO 

If your website ranks high in the Google search results, you may quickly attract customers’ attention. Any device, especially mobile devices, must be able to access your website. Customers increasingly prefer vertical content pieces since they carry their cellphones about with them all the time, but not their laptops or desktops. Thanks to new SEO tools, creating content for your Shopware 6 store is much easier. The new Shopping Experience solution improves the appearance of your online business and adapts to consumer preferences. Furthermore, when comparing the SEO capabilities of Shopware 6 with Shopware 5, the new version fulfils search engine standards significantly better.

  • Channels of Distribution

You may now choose from a variety of additional program alternatives to help you grow your eCommerce business and brand exposure, as well as try out new product promotion kinds. With Shopware 6, you may get momentum through social media and collaborative trading systems. As a result, you will not only get new clients, but you will also increase customer loyalty via frequent tough points. This is a significant distinction between Shopware 6 and Shopware 5.

  • Localisation

Shopware 6 provides you with the opportunity to tap into the global market as a whole. Multilingual and multi-currency support services may help international users get the most out of their experience. As a result, developers from countries other than Germany, where Shopware is located, can define pricing in their own currencies. Shopware 6 may also interact with other nations’ legal frameworks and match them with the appropriate channels. Companies may use Shopware 6 to grow into new areas and become worldwide players.

Explore the variety of stores based on Shopware 6

Information is based on the official Shopware 6 Release.

  • New filter: Highlighted products

Set a product filter to “marked as promoted.” You can simply showcase your best-selling items with this filter.

  • New condition: Variant properties

In the dynamic product groups, there is a new condition that allows for the creation of variant attributes. This was previously only available in the Rule Builder module, but it is now also available in the dynamic product groups module.

  • More efficient product selection

When you wanted to choose specific items for a condition, you had to navigate through the list and select them one by one. It took some time to do this task. As a result, we’ve created an advanced option. As a result, you may now open a second window and pick up numerous goods at the same time. You may also utilise the new feature to filter your items. You’ll be able to locate what you’re seeking for faster and save time while making product selections this way.

  • Access rights: Who is allowed to assign rules?

Define who should have rule assignment access permissions going forward. Previously, you could only grant or refuse access to the Rule Builder module on its whole. You may now be more exact, thanks to the new ACL (Access Control List) for this purpose.

Shopware 6 Release News – May 2022

Shopware is committed to maintaining the system up to date in order to support it. We will guarantee that your store’s technical side is supported by monitoring the store’s version, plugin compatibility, and up-to-dateness, providing small updates, and planning global upgrades to provide the greatest possible store performance.

If you currently have a Shopware 5 shop, it’s a good idea to upgrade to the latest version of Shopware 6. However, there are some minor distinctions between cloud migration and on-premise migration. The process of Migration to Shopware 6 is divided into six stages:

  1. Create a cloud store right now.
  2. Activate the migration assistance.
  3. Establish a new link.
  4. Make changes to the connection.
  5. Begin the migration process.
  6. Migration is complete.

Taking control of your own relocation is difficult. If you wish to migrate to Shopware 6 effectively, you’ll need to take each step carefully and thoroughly explore.

However, working with a Shopware firm or an eCommerce platform agency with specialists is crucial. If you are unfamiliar with this subject, simply delegate it to professionals who are knowledgeable in the industry.

It makes sense to cooperate carefully with a Shopware development services supplier while dealing with them.

Migration to Shopware 6

The bottom line is that when comparing Shopware 6 to Shopware 5, the latter clearly outperforms the former in several areas such as performance and versatility. To meet the needs of users, core functionalities have been upgraded or redesigned. The Shopware developers really fixed a lot of bugs and put a lot of work into the latest edition of Shopware 6. 

So, why are you still debating whether or not to upgrade to Shopware 6? Shopware 6 is an excellent solution for improving engagement with potential consumers and assisting you in obtaining the greatest possible chunk of the eCommerce pie, depending on your available resources.

Key Takeaways of Migration to Shopware 6

  • Progressive Web Apps

Shopware 6 development provides many new options to help your eCommerce business grow – one of which includes linking a Progressive Web App.

  • API-first design

Shopware development is independent, making upgrades quicker and allowing for the application to be deployed as a headless eCommerce.

  • New Sales Channels

Use the platform for all retail operations: social media, websites, headless applications, POS or even Amazon and eBay.

  • Shopping Experiences

Shopware 6 development is equipped with tools dedicated to merging commerce and content due to the creation of memorable and emotional product presentations.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

Shopware development and editors love Shopware’s intuitive admin panel, with easy-to-create commerce and content pages.

Our Shopware Development Agency will truly customise your eCommerce store to stand out and rise to the top. Our experts help fast-growing companies handle an ample user flow, build unfailing performance, and be ahead due to audience captive yet conversion-oriented themes. We design elegant and responsive themes to deliver a fantastic experience to visitors.

Benefits of Our Shopware Development Agency

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