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P.S. NFK Digital Agency is our partner. The synergy of our agencies enabled Miche’s site with such impressive performance and traffic growth. 

“It is good working with WebMeridian. Two migrations went nice and smooth.”
Table of Contents
  1. Clients’ Overview
  2. Client’s Challenges = Our Tasks
  3. Challenge #1. Magento 2 Migration
  4. Challenge #2. GDPR
  5. The Solution — The Core Part of Our Companies’ Synergy
  6. What the Client Says
  7. The Results: Miche.IT Have Doubled Store Performance Simply With Magento 2 Migration
  8. Numbers

Miche is a branded online shop for a famous Italian bicycle brand. Online shop for distributing high-quality components for bicycles, produced in Italy in compliance with the rigorous standards of the Miche owns a quality system. High-quality components, produced in Italy in compliance with the strict standards that Miche’s quality system prescribes. Miche means a passion for cycling, quality and Italian ingenuity. Miche, Made in Italy since 1919.

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Clients’ Overview

Miche.IT - Magento 2 migration and Development

Client’s Challenges = Our Tasks

Initially, our team had one primary task – eCommerce website migration to Magento 2 from another content management system.  Miche wanted to reach more customers, create a loyal base, and grow your sales by leaps and bounds. Building the best online sports store is challenging, especially if you opt to do it alone. However, with our business and tech consulting skills, our experts can help solve all of your tech challenges for both new online and offline businesses.  Moreover, Nike and Helly Hansen currently use Magento for their online sports store. 

Challenge #1. Magento 2 Migration

Helly Hensen is now a spectacular success story, with over 50 distinct sites available in six languages. They also provide a variety of payment and delivery options to satisfy the diverse demands of their clients. 

With Magento 2, they have established a vibrant and bright brand personality through carefully prepared content and the best storytelling, encompassing their various stores such as B2B and footwear. 

Even though the sites might differ in the items they sell, each one is remarkably unified in the overall look and feel, which weaves their brand together seamlessly. The aim is always to produce a one-of-a-kind, entertaining, and out-of-the-box experience. They even embrace third-party integrations. 

The Helly Hansen brand has embraced personalized business-to-business clothes and crafted a dynamic brand history. Theodor Tollefsen, Helly Hansen’s eCommerce manager, is considered a trailblazer and maverick by many with his cutting edge approach. 

Tollefsen stated in a recent Adobe Business article, “We created a solution that allowed us to break into new markets easily. We now have 55 different sites with seven different language options, payment methods, and shipping rules.” 

Helly Hansen has created a genuine one-of-a-kind online shopping experience for their clients by utilizing Magento 2.

What are the outcomes of the Hansen method? They are nothing short of astonishing.

  • 24 % increase in traffic
  • 48 % increase in mobile traffic
  • 45 % revenue increase. 

Since using Magento 2, Hansen has experienced substantial growth.

What You Can Learn From This Story | Basis of Another Worldwide Sports Brand’s Success – Helly Hansen

WebMeridian’s Clients and Success Stories- Migration to Magento 2 + custom Magento Development

Further, we had to install the Magento 2 GDPR extension that helps eCommerce stores get ready for the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Challenge #2. GDPR

The GDPR’s mission is essentially philanthropic, with two key aims in mind:

  1. Ensure that individual users’ personal data is always treated with respect.
  2. Remove barriers to data exchange across areas by harmonizing legislation across nations.

Overall, the GDPR is nearly solely concerned with personal data, which refers to a variety of unique user information. Specifically, everything that may be used to identify a person.

GDPR Compliance Tools for Magento 2

Our Point of View

To cap it all, our experts had to handle deep customisations in the online shop’s layout and adjust the front-end part, as well as carry out customisations for a product selection and display. Besides, we should set up a price change on configurable products. 

We have compiled a helpful list of the 9 top features that you need to grow your sales goals successfully. 

Challenge #3. Customisation

We have compiled a helpful list of the 5 top features that you need to grow your sales goals successfully. 

#1. Navigation 

Shoppers dislike confusing and difficult-to-navigate websites. Do not hesitate to use a mega-menu to display things on the navigation website to your shoppers proudly. Also, don’t be afraid to use short links to bring your customers to the information you want them to see.

#2. Filters & Layered Navigation

When designing a sports store website, you’ll want to include filters first, followed by photos to show how they work. In addition, you can list other attributes and sports-related things that will partner well. Consider using images to showcase the filters. The filters may also be found in the sidebar, which is in an easily accessible place of the screen where your customers will be able to view and use the feature.

#3. Needs & Sports Goods Matching 

You may even provide advice to assist the customer in making an intelligent decision. Having a match help section is a significant benefit that most customers appreciate and value. 

#4. High-Converting Product Page

Humans are very visual creatures by nature. Most buyers prefer to look at photos and other appealing items rather than read a lot. People want to see what they’re getting before they buy it; therefore, they’ll want to look at it from every aspect. You simply can’t overdo it with images. Utilise colours and distinguishing typography to make your brand clearly recognisable. You can absolutely attract attention with appealing content, graphics, and colourful font.

#5. Upselling and Cross-Selling 

Upselling techniques, along with renewals, are exceedingly popular. You can add similar goods to the product pages of each sports shop. When potential buyers see anything that interests them, they will click on it. You’ll keep the buyer on your website for a more extended period, which may help them plan and finalise the purchase. 

Recipe for Conversion Growth

Untravelling the Code to Nike's Increadibly Effective Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy Read On

Migration to Magento 2 + Custom Magento Development(1)

Website Migration to Magento 2 was tackled successfully and flawlessly. After that, we had some additional tasks for the online shop boosting. Our team inbuilt the configurable price to change according to its virtual product, as well as customised search and filters.

Other works:

  • Front-end adjustment to add a personalised touch;
  • Backend fixes;
  • Online shop’s layout customisation to add engraving services or other features that help make things custom and memorable;
  • Installation of the Magento 2 GDPR extension;
  • Customisations for product selection to enable shoppers to quickly and effortlessly find what they seek;
  • Product display customisation. Your product page is crucial because it’s where you display everything you have for sale;
  • Custom checkout;
  • Price change on configurable products.

The Solution — The Core Part of Our Companies’ Synergy

Describe the project and the services WebMeridian provided in detail.

Migration of store to the Magento 2 and update of the Magento version plus some frontend part for the site. 

How was project management arranged, and how effective was it?

Their project manager was a great guy. He helped us a lot during projects.

What did you find most impressive about WebMeridian?

WebMeridian team is always delivering projects in time, their development, and management team are true professionals. They handle any issue with ease, and the communication is always smooth and pleasant. 

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

Both projects were key parts in order to deliver the client’s digital strategy and have been pivotal in the success of the projects.

What the Client Says

MicheIT's Success Stories - Magento 2 migration and custom Magento DevelopemntDevelopment

To sum up, our customer successfully processes orders from 9000 buyers monthly on a new version of their website smoothly running on Magento 2. Full customisation of search functionality and whole layout, as well as backend fixes, allow Miche.IT to provide their website visitors with an outstanding online shopping experience.

Our team will focus on easy-to-use navigation, product labels, upselling, customisation, navigation, and an omnichannel strategy that will help you achieve the success you seek online.

The success of Miche is impressive. They set out with a goal to increase their eCommerce platform, boost sales, and take the business to new heights. By coupling their endeavours with their ambition and using Adobe and Magento 2 they achieved groundbreaking strides.

The Results: Miche.IT Have Doubled Store Performance Simply With Magento 2 Migration

  • Website smoothly processes 9.1K+ of monthly website visits.
  • The bounce rate dropped to 32%. It’s a peak.
  • Magento Version: 2.2.6, to be precise.

Francesco Zanin
Digital Marketing Consultant – NFK Digital


"The team is great, and I am glad to continue working with them."
Magento Website Development FAQs

What is Magento website maintenance?

WebMeridian provides Magento website support to handle security, performance, and functionality issues. Let us detect and solve any issue related to security breaches or code conflicts, system updates, or modules incompatibility and provide you with a fully-functional eCommerce store.

What are Magento development services?

Our Magento 2 development services ensure that your eCommerce solution will be versatile and up-to-date, created with all best practices and the newest tech trends. Our qualified team of Magento developers will make sure your online store has the most extensive range of useful features. We adore building something from scratch, as well as working with upgrading eCommerce websites or extending features set in response to market demands and trends. We use Magento, the world’s premier ecommerce platform, to create versatile shops with rich out-of-the-box features, smooth third-party connections, and endless Magento modifications to meet your company’s specific demands.

How much does it cost to migrate to Magento 2?

The total cost of the Magento eCommerce website includes developers’ hourly rates (30$-60$) as well as the scope of work required. Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 takes about 50 to 790 hours or an average of about 4 months.

Should I migrate to Magento 2?

Speed: Magento 2 loads pages faster than Magento 1. Technology Stack: Magento 2.0 uses the newest PHP for better coding. Analytics: Magento 2 has smart reporting and analytics intelligence, while Magento 1 does not. Security: Magento has a newer hashing algorithm and factor authentication for better security. Safety of Content used: canonical tags are used by Magento 2 to prevent plagiarism. If you think about it, you would see the need to upgrade without questions.