Seamless Shopify transformation & lightning-fast performance for a store that sells video editing tools and online courses for mastering the art of video editing.
Country Germany
Industry Photo- & Videography
Technology Shopify
Timeframe 4 months
Team Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, QA Specialist, DevOps, Project Manager
Acidbite - Custom Shopify Theme Implementation-5

Story Behind

Our client is Acidbite, which is known for its exceptional video creations and premium editing tools. With high standards that set industry trends, Acidbite is a trusted partner for leading brands worldwide, earning the trust of 55,000 filmmakers. Their commitment to excellence in video editing positions them as a leader in the industry.



The existing platform lacked a customized theme that resonated with their brand. Additionally, slow website speed and a less-than-optimized checkout process were hindering the overall user experience.



The work done:

  • Crafted a custom Shopify theme that perfectly resonates with the client’s brand identity and the world of video editing.
  • Enhanced the website’s speed and performance, making sure that every visitor enjoys a swift and engaging experience.
  • Optimized the checkout process for quick and hassle-free transactions, boosting conversion rates.
  • Ensured the store’s responsiveness regardless of the device to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Business Value

The collaboration with the WebMeridian team resulted in significant improvements for Acidbite:

  • A visually appealing and customized Shopify theme that resonates with their brand. A visually appealing and customized theme contributes to a positive first impression, encouraging users to explore the site further.
  • Increased website speed, contributing to improved user engagement and reduced bounce rate. Google reports that as page load time increases from 1 to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases by 123%.
  • Streamlined checkout process, leading to higher conversion rates. Note that 21% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to a complicated checkout process.
  • Consistent and seamless user experience across various devices.  Consistency in user experience across devices ensures users can access and navigate the site smoothly, contributing to higher engagement and reduced bounce rates.

Our Point Of View

By focusing on these aspects, similar businesses can enhance their online presence, engage users effectively, and drive overall business success. We recommend:

Prioritizing a customized theme that aligns with brand identity and industry trends.

Some tips on how to keep on top of eCommerce web design trends in 2023:

  • Follow industry leaders and influencers
  • Attend eCommerce and design conferences
  • Read design blogs and publications
  • Analyse your website analytics
  • Hire a professional design team

Regularly optimizing website speed and performance to enhance user engagement.

Shopify speed optimization checklist: 

  • Concentrate on a bright theme. 
  • Images should be compressed. 
  • Try the Shopify and Javascript applications Lazy Load Limit. 
  • Google PageSpeed Insights is a valuable tool.
  • Remove the ability to shop quickly. 
  • Have a look at Shopify’s enhancements for site performance.

Streamlining the checkout process for quick and efficient transactions.

Based on our vast experience in online retail, we’ve compiled 12 tips to consider when optimizing your shopping cart.

  • Display an Exhaustive Product Summary
  • Ensure Your Shopping Cart UX is Mobile-Friendly
  • Keep Your eCommerce Shopping Cart Design Clean and Intuitive
  • Make It Easy to Edit the Shopping Cart
  • Eliminate Non-Essential Information
  • Reveal the Shipping Costs Early On
  • Provide Autofill Fields
  • Offer Different Payment Options
  • Provide a Guest Checkout Option
  • Build Trust by Displaying Security Seals and Badges
  • Optimize Your eCommerce Shopping Cart Loading Speed
  • Add Live Chat

What Client Said

Michael Throne
Co-Founder at Acidbite

"I think we are mostly through with the project. Of course there’s minor stuff coming up here and there and we are still testing new things. But overall we are very happy with the results and the new page. Also the team performed very well after we switched to Iryna and Oleg."

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