Two technologies are continuously growing in usage and popularity when it comes to web app development. We are talking about VueJs with Laravel – the advantages of combining these two are enormous. 

In this article, we will learn how these two technologies have become a perfect solution for single-page web app development. However, before we do that, it is crucial to learn about the two technologies in brief.

Table of Contents
  1. What is VueJs?
  2. What is Laravel?
  3. Who Is Using VueJs With Laravel?
  4. Reasons to Use VueJs With Laravel
  5. VueJs With Laravel for Single-Page Web App Development
  6. Why Use Vue With Laravel for SPA?
  7. Conclusion

VueJs is a progressive web application framework with hundreds of features. HTML is more markup by a progressive framework. It means that the HTML file also gets updated whenever the browser does. It is attached to the data model as a template model. One of the biggest advantages is that it is a gradually adjustable structure. 

It is a JavaScript framework that is widely used to create User Interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications (SPAs). It makes use of a model-view-view-model (MVVM) architectural pattern. This architecture allows for the business logic to be distinguished from the graphical view. 

Take a look at these statistics given below:

What is VueJs?

Laravel follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design principle to produce an open-source framework. It was created in 2011 and streamlines the entire development process along with excellent performance. The additional benefit includes simplicity and adaptability. Let us have a look at some of the statistics that prove Laravel is relevant today:

  • Laravel development is a 2x popular option for PHP framework development in 2022.
  • Laravel is presently being used by over 761,321 live websites.
  • Laravel is preferred by several industry verticals while creating websites. Computers, Electronics & Technology (5.63%), Science (3.26%), Government (2.17) and other categories are among the top ones.

What is Laravel?

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Laravel is a popular framework with giants like Deloitte, Tesco, and MasterCard using it for their projects. There are many amazing startups and global brands that are preferring Vue for their front-end efforts. Companies with both Vue and Laravel in their stacks include 9GAG, Bitpanda, and

Vue is simple for newbies to pick up, thanks to its exceptional developer popularity and legendary helpful documentation, while allowing professionals to build MVPs rapidly and grow apps effectively as and when required. 

Who Is Using VueJs With Laravel?

Below are some reasons to use VueJs with Laravel:

  • Frontend-driven applications 

Applications are created today keeping in mind user experience. Vuejs enables Laravel developers to create a front end in ways that the application does not have to reload the pages whenever an update is made.

  • Amazing event-driven app 

A comprehensive event-driven web application that can control all front-end operations can be made using VueJs. Also, you get composable components that can be used in whichever way you want to use them.

  • Allows developers to issue database queries using PHP syntax 

VueJs uses a virtual DOM, in which the user interface representation is loaded into memory as JavaScript data structures. The ORM, a dynamic PHP adaptation of the active record design, is provided by Laravel. It enables the developers to issue database queries leveraging PHP syntax.

  • High Security 

Laravel is a highly secure PHP framework, and therefore, applications created are highly secure. It protects web applications from malicious attacks. Malware users try to pass query data to attack an application. Laravel prevents SQL injections with Eloquent ORM.

Reasons to Use VueJs With Laravel

VueJs With Laravel for Single-Page Web App Development

Developers create the ideal SPA applications using Vue.js as the frontend technology and Laravel as the backend technology. The created applications function inside the browser without reloading the Full page.

All the resources, including CSS, HTML, and scripts are loaded once in a SPA application. As a result, pages are not reloaded when a component is updated. As part of the process, only data gets exchanged back and forth. Another advantage is that there is no waiting time in a SPA application which is a great advantage as it can draw more users.

Native mobile applications can utilize a SPA application’s backend code. SPA made with Vue and Laravel is a perfect solution since they cache local storage, function effectively in offline code, and transmit only one request by storing all the data. To sum up, Vue and Laravel work perfectly together.

Why Use Vue With Laravel for SPA?

Below are some reasons to use Vue with Laravel for Single Page Application (SPA) development:

  • To succeed as a business, you must create an application that provides a unique user experience. Vue and Laravel provide an array of built-in solutions that can help you create an application with an excellent user experience.
  • Organizations looking to create Single Page Applications (SPAs) need to factor in the cost of development. The cost is largely governed by how complex the technology they are going to use and resource availability and demand. Vue and Laravel are easy to learn and developers are easily available. 
  • On top of it, they have excellent documentation and committed and helpful communities. Therefore, even if you have a development team that does not excel in these technologies, they can get started.
  • SPAs created using Vue and Laravel are small in size and therefore load quickly and use less bandwidth. Users in some countries are comfortable accessing with less bandwidth – if you have international markets to target, explore creating SPAs with Vue and Laravel.
  • Vue’s component-based architecture allows the efficient development of perfectly scalable single-page web apps and enables developers to build MVPs fast.
  • As discussed above, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, which is supported by Laravel, is outstanding and perfect for creating user interfaces.

Laravel has in-built object-oriented syntax and many libraries supporting the use of objects.

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Combining VueJs with Laravel is excellent to create Single Page Applications. However, getting a project done is not an easy task. You will need a team of experts and the right talent to combine the two powerful frameworks and build outstanding Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Laravel developers can help you develop a quick and functional core of SPA, while the VueJs developers have the potential to give a richer and more interactive user interface to your web application.

If you plan to create SPAs, hire Laravel developer of an experienced development company and get started with your dream project.