We walk our clients through a clear and precise audit that identifies the most critical areas for improvement and validates the designed code base to assist them in comprehending the following points:

  • Magento website build quality, 
  • used coding practices, 
  • security recommendations, 
  • improve the accuracy of estimates, 
  • and the overall state of the website.
Table of Contents
  1. When Do You Need A Magento Code Audit Service?
  2. Magento Core
  3. Third-party Code
  4. Database
  5. During the Technical Magento 2 Code Audit, We Review the Following
  6. What Will You Get With a Magento Code Audit Service?
  7. Conclusion
  • The site is slow. The site’s performance is terrible in whole or part and occasionally becomes highly sluggish.
  • New bugs emerge. New problems/bugs occur out of nowhere;
  • Unstable progression. Creating new features is unstable since each feature causes additional issues in unrelated portions of the website.
  • The website is unstable. Magento goes down, HTTP 503 – Service Unavailable error, Connection Timeout, and site crash for no apparent reason.
  • The suspicion that low-quality extensions have been placed compromises the shopping experience.
  • Concerns about the motif being applied in an incompetent manner;
  • Making proactive efforts to ensure that the site is safe and that any security fixes are implemented.
  • Verify that your Magento installation has not been compromised.

Magento 2 code audits often include a thorough examination of the following elements:

  • Magento core
  • Third-party code
  • Database

When Do You Need A Magento Code Audit Service?

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Magento’s architecture adheres to the modularity idea, which allows developers to introduce new capabilities and override existing ones in the platform without modifying its core code. This helps to safeguard the code’s integrity and promotes development processes.

Even so, unskilled developers and those new to the platform may prefer to change the core code rather than write extensions to override the inherent modules. A comprehensive audit of Magento’s core code aids in the identification of issue areas and the avoidance of downtime during future platform updates.

Magento Core

Using poorly constructed Magento extensions might lead to website performance difficulties. Even if you use extensions from reputable developers, utilizing too many or ones that are incompatible with each other will dramatically slow down your page load time.

Adobe strongly advises developers to adhere to the Magento code standard while creating extensions to maintain consistency and preserve best practices. A thorough audit of your website’s custom code and third-party extensions will assist in identifying issues such as poorly written JavaScript, excessive requests, and other variables that might negatively affect website usability.

Third-party Code

Although the database in Magento is rarely the bottleneck in website speed, it cannot be counted out. The site database might get bloated and start underperforming, especially in older sites that have been functioning without maintenance for years.

A database audit aids in the detection of current issues by assessing important performance indicators and discovering typical security flaws such as rogue user rights. Once found, you may put steps in place to make the database faster and more secure.


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  • Magento Configuration review / Indexing / Caching;
  • Overall Code review / Core Code Changes / Log Files / Custom module structure compliance to Magento standards;
  • JS code review;
  • CSS code review;
  • Used extensions review / reliability / structure compliance;
  • Cross-browser testing;
  • Overall Performance review / minification / merging / loading of product collection;
  • Security review / Magento Security Patches;
  • Server side configuration review / file permissions / cron jobs;
  • SEO;
  • Conclusions;
  • Recommendations;
  • Appendix of Explanation and details.

During the Technical Magento 2 Code Audit, We Review the Following

Magento Code Audit Service May Be Part Of Our Custom Magento Development

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What Will You Get With a Magento Code Audit Service?

A user-friendly shopping process depends on a website’s performance, and a slow-loading website can negatively impact your business’s bottom line.

  • The frontend and backend code, as well as server-side components, all affect how quickly a website loads.
  • A sluggish Magento site can be caused by improperly set up cron tasks or indexers to more complicated JavaScript bundling problems.
  • Slow webpages can also be caused by the overuse or improper development of third-party plugins.

While removing these extensions is the simplest solution, an audit may help find and fix issues with other aspects of a website, such as a website cookie consumption, DOM element size, and HTTP requests brought on by third-party code.

By customizing themes and extensions to your company’s requirements, Magento consulting firms may assist you in optimizing third-party code to fit your website.

Better Performance

A website that crashes out of the blue can be disastrous, especially during peak traffic hours. Each hour of downtime can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost sales and damage your business reputation. Several factors can lead to a crashed website, including:

  • Inadequate hardware resources
  • Running outdated versions of software
  • Cron issues
  • Unoptimized database
  • Incorrectly installing or updating extensions
  • Compromised website.

While some of these are simple to solve, the majority need a solid grasp of the platform. If you don’t, you risk spending too much money on unneeded server resources or getting new website issues caused by incompatible software. Therefore, a Magento 2 code audit will assist you in precisely identifying the flaws in your website and resolving them with expert advice.

Prevent Crashes

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Hackers may gain access to website data and the ability to install harmful code thanks to something as simple as improperly set disk or database permissions on a server. Aside from introducing vulnerabilities, poorly constructed extensions can also cause code injections, authentication problems, and data disclosure.

A timely audit can assist in anticipating such problems and avert possible disasters. A typical Magento 2 code audit involves looking for code that provides unneeded overrides over Magento’s basic functionality, as well as verifying core modules and third-party extensions for code integrity.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Magento enables retailers to add exceptional functionality and improve the usability of their websites. It offers a modular design that divides key functionality into independent modules, making it easier for developers to replace or alter them without impacting other parts of its code.

However, functionality at the expense of efficiency runs opposed to the principles of good UI/UX design. Therefore, extensions must be wisely chosen and installed to ensure quick page loads and guarantee a smooth user experience.

A Magento code audit may assist you in enhancing website speed, preventing crashes, and removing security risks by locating issues with your website’s code. The total result of these elements working together is an improved user experience on your website.

Enhance Website UX/UI

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The focus of Google’s Core Web Vitals is performance. They advise a website’s three key user experience metrics—page load time, interaction, and visual stability—to be optimized. A Magento code audit might be quite advantageous to your company if you’ve been battling to improve the position of your website on Google’s search results pages.

A high page ranking is influenced by several variables, including:

  • Website performance
  • Accessibility and usability
  • Quality of content

You may fulfil Google’s advised goals by using a Magento code audit to find places where your website’s performance and security can be improved. A rise in those factors can assist you in lessening your dependency on bought visitors for sales and boost your search engine results.

Improve Website SEO

Senior certified Magento developers with more than three years of expertise with Magento sites of different sizes and industries from across the world meticulously perform the audit. 

We begin working on the audit’s research phase, and we hold an initial discovery conference call to explore the challenges you’re encountering and what you want to gain from the audit.

A Magento 2 code audit can help you guarantee your website is ready to give a flawless shopping experience to your consumers, whether you’re planning for the upcoming holiday season or searching for insights into your business.

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