WebMeridian is a new addition to the list of top Magento developers at Techreviewer.co, which researches companies in the IT industry and generates a list of the best companies in the market. WebMeridian has made very notable changes in their business in the past couple of years and it is paying off.

Their reviews are skyrocketing from low ratings to constant 5 stars mostly due to the company’s focus on the expertise of the employees hired. The company has only masters in the field and is providing eCommerce development services at a quality others cannot compete with.

Techreviewer researches every company in a specific market and meticulously compares them in many criteria. All companies that are fortunate enough to make it onto their list stand out from all other companies in their market when compared on the criteria. The criteria that are compared are:

  • Services provided
  • Brand visibility and reputation
  • Customer reviews
  • Awards offered
  • Company clients
  • Case studies
  • Social media activity

WebMeridian has proved themselves in Magento development that is ranked on. Their excellent performance has landed them a top spot on Techreviewer’s list. With their constant improvement, Techreviewer expects them to keep climbing up the list throughout the years, and it would be no surprise if they can work their way into number one.

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Techreviewer is a research and analyst company that focuses on IT companies that offer services in technical support, development, system integration, AI, Big Data, or business analysis. Their main goal is to provide consumers looking for IT solutions with an easy source of reputable and expert companies. All companies on their lists are top leaders in their markets and offer the best services around.

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