Incorporated in 2015 and based in Kharkiv, WebMeridian is a one-stop solution Magento development agency focused on producing, deploying, and supporting eCommerce solutions. The professionals help promote brands’ online presence by curating robust tech and business solutions for eCommerce. In addition to this, the professionals at WebMeridian practices technology like Shopify, Magento, React.js, WooCommerce, and other framework-based solutions, and its focused technology is Magento. 

Moreover, the professional team is always ready to solve your tech challenges, ensure the most distinguished code standards, and employ best practices for your site’s security and enforcement. You strive for perfection, so is WebMeridian. 

WebMeridian’s team consists of highly qualified engineers who wield the tech part entirely and are well-versed with what to offer, particularly for the industry and niche where you operate. Whether you work in a specific niche or have a drop shipping business, need a competent developer, or have a team, WebMeridian is responsible for the result you get. The team guarantees that you get the most of our cooperation and hoist your site to new heights.

The way of doing online business has evolved a new style of engagement with its customers, says Yuri Sulima, CEO of WebMeridian, in a recent interview with GoodFirms.

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Magento Expert Consultation

Starting with the interview, Yuri describes that WebMeridian is a Magento development and consulting organization. Our primary focus is the development, delivery, and support of eCommerce solutions, such as online stores, marketplaces, and the production of custom features to improve customers’ stores’ administration and user experience.

Further, Yuri talks about the idea behind the company’s inception by citing that the company was created by an ambitious team that strived to improve tech solutions and use their experience and passion to build better eCommerce sites. During my previous work as a project manager, I met several developers and tech experts looking toward the same direction in business and development approach, so we decided to create a company that delivers our values and expertise in the eCommerce field.

Yuri points out further that “What’s essential to understand is where you add value and what’s necessary to your users.” The primary challenge we’re trying to overcome is customer relevancy. Many platforms contrive the look and feel of a web page, but to get the best out of a sale, you need to optimize the occurrence, the look and feel of the intercommunication, and the products and services.

Team, Projects, and Backstage

More than 60% of our customers are happy with our services. We always tend to do more to meet the deadlines, provide better solutions and make customers feel that everything is under control and will be delivered in time.

When talking about the business model, Yuri asserts that we were an entirely in-house company initially. As Ukraine is a place of exceptional tech specialists, there was no problem obtaining the development and management team to cover our clients’ needs. 

However, the market is flourishing; there are more opportunities but fewer specialists. That is why we are seeking further options to cover our development needs by hiring veterans from other countries. Now, we are in the stage of researching the best chance to hire more developers.

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Business Model

Elaborating on services, Yuri mentions that we know that aesthetics matter with web design. Able and appealing custom Magento design can quickly multiply the revenue of an online retailer. Our skilled team comprises reliable technicians who have years of combined vast tech experience and expertise. We define your goals, study your target audience and competitors, and lay the groundwork for your site structure.

Your website design can invent or break your sales. There are various causes why you should opt for custom web design. Websites, if done by an expert ecommerce web design agency, do well. In addition to this, with web design, we help you compose a strong brand that will help you raise website visits and repeat sales. Thus, through eCommerce theme personalization, web designers truly distinguish the brand style enabling the firm to thrive amongst the top eCommerce development companies in Kharkiv at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of ecommerce websites delivered by WebMeridian.

WebMeridian’s Focus and Expertise

Continuing further, Yuri mentions that web developers helps you create a strong brand that will help you boost website visits and recur sales with websites. We take the production of wireframes, prototypes, and samples seriously. Our designers test every stage of the design method to determine if the product they are producing will be relevant for the target audience. Also, they focus on how users fiddle on the site, draw value, and the purpose of the product to consistently adhere to the visitor’s expectations. 

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The skilled web developers will create the overall website focusing on the brand’s voice, and nature keeping the brand’s message in mind. You get a fully functional website that is compelling, interesting, and easy to navigate, portrays the brand’s personality, and entertains visitors. The team makes sure that a prototype incorporates mockups with all the visual and typographic design features to turn these prototypes later into an interactive demonstration and exhibit how the final design works.

Thus, ensuring that websites developed work across all devices and browsers to ensure it is responsive and works fast would soon endow WebMeridian to grab a secure position amongst the top web developers in the UK at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below is the proof of the quality websites developed at WebMeridian.

Workflow and Other Secrets of Smooth Processes

Concluding the interview, Yuri divulges that we know the specifics of the eCommerce business, not only tech, but business segment, their challenges, trends, and needs. That is why we give a solution that fits a specific business exclusively. Still, our leading range of services is consulting, website development, and support.

Moreover, Yuri also explains that we cover the needs of the eCommerce branch by developing solutions for clients from industries such as Jewelry, Clothing, LED Lighting, Automotive, Sport, Mobile Communications, Infrared Heating, Education, etc. However, we are looking to expand our expertise to work with groups from other sectors in the future.

More than 60% of our customers are happy with our services, says Yuri. We always tend to do more to meet deadlines, provide better solutions and make customers feel that everything is under control and will be delivered in time. Yuri is looking forward to making WebMeridian earn a leading position in the list of top-100 European eCommerce development companies. 

Thus, get acquainted with WebMeridian and its services through the details mentioned above, shared by Yuri Sulima; one can read a detailed interview at GoodFirms.

More About WebMeridian’s Clients and Success Stories

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