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DevOps is the number one route for eCommerce stores that want to spend less on cloud operations. This enables them to beat the competition to the punch. Our DevOps services ensure speed and efficiency at all times. This is to keep your business running at its peak at all consistently.

Retailers’ Challenges That Our eCommerce DevOps Services Solve

There are several challenges that many eCommerce store owners face. But, we have several ways to curb these issues, thanks to DevOps. Here are some of the challenges these eCommerce store owners face:

Longer Release Cycles

Longer release cycles that cause some degree of delays in the system pipelines.

Higher Costs

They experience higher costs to effectively maintain the platform around the clock.

Higher Time to Market

Due to slower processes and inefficient systems, it takes a longer time to market the products.

Unstable Sites

The absence of integrated and automated processes leads to site instability. This applies to both short term and long term use.

Production Downtime

Production downtime resulting in bad customer experience.

Low Productivity

Productivity levels are lower on the platform. This is due to a lot more manual processes and the inefficiency of workflows.

What We Solve

Process Automation

We use process automation to build a stable roadmap. This ranges from test cases to covering builds, quality checks, security, and code generation. We do this along with analysis, construction, designing, and implementation.

CI/CD Pipeline

We create an extensive pipeline to identify conflicts and fix other issues in the system. This gives room for consistent testing, integration, and deployment

Pilot Framework Creation

All the tools present on the platform are useful. This is why we utilise them, along with our professional tools to get the best results possible.

Assessment and Planning

This allows us to plan and build a viable roadmap. During the assessment, we look deeper into the IT infrastructure, the capabilities of the application lifecycle, and other DevOps processes. Once assessed, we can properly plan and identify the potential hazards and find instant solutions to them. With this, you get perfect results consistently.

Security Integrations

We perform constant security testings and compliance processes to protect the entire platform. These security integrations are automated to ease and speed up the process and also provide instant results.

Benefits of DevOps Services in eCommerce

There are many benefits of DevOps for your eCommerce store. One of them is that it makes you faster and more efficient than your counterparts in the business. Here are some other benefits:

#1. It reduces the obstacles that separate the different departments of the company.
#2. Using DevOps creates a culture of agility and speed, resulting in a faster adaptation to the business requirements.
#3. The quality level of your software and overall functionality of your platform increases drastically.
#4. It uses proven methods and processes to provide high-quality results.
#5. The amount spent on cloud infrastructure is reduced drastically.
#6. With automated operations, monitoring, and logging, you can now swiftly setup and maintain the platform and all tasks.

#7. It ensures that there is faster release and deployments for all the applications used on your eCommerce store.
#8. It uses the top tools in the industry to hasten environment automation.
#9. There is consistent monitoring of every process, and this ensures service continuity for more extended periods.
#10. You can migrate between platforms seamlessly without experiencing delays, prolonged user impacts, and downtime.
#11. You can be more dynamic thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the models, which also provide more coverage and reduce cost.
#12. With microservices, you can now expand and make faster scale-ins and scale-outs on your business.

We offer a range of DevOps Managed Services

DevOps Powers

  1. We have a sound team of experts that are highly skilled in different eCommerce application projects
  2. They are versatile and highly experienced in using many of the leading cloud providers for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  3. Our DevOps Automation experts can spot out and remove every inkling of redundancy
  4. Our cloud strategy works perfectly as we use modern DevOps principles to get the best results
  5. We set up, configure and migrate the environment to ensure a very smooth workflow
  6. Build/Release management using continuous integration, delivery, and deployment methodologies
  7. We put in place microservices in DevOps by using only the best tools in the industry
  8. Our end-to-end implementation of monitoring and alerting tools makes sure everything runs around the clock

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