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Streamlining PVC Profile Customization for Leading Manufacturer. Our team worked with a platform designed for participants in constructing and installing PVC profiles.

The project is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Industry Decor
Technologies: Magento 2
Timeframe: 5 months - Ongoing Project
Team: Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, QA Engineer, DevOps, Project Manager
PVC Profile Leading Manufacturer - Magento Product Configurator Optimization

Story Behind

This inclusive platform serves manufacturers, installers, and individuals with the primary objective of efficiently identifying suitable solutions for windows, doors, and balconies renovation projects of any size, ensuring a fair and competitive quality-price ratio.

Windows & Doors eShop


  • Platform Optimization: Our task was to enhance the existing platform, catering to both Partners and Customers. This involved automating order assignments to the nearest Partner, streamlining communication via email templates, and integrating a responsive checkout system with delivery options.
  • Front-End Enhancements: Minor cosmetic changes were implemented to improve the user experience, including adjustments to indents, fonts, sizes of elements, and logo modifications.
  • Magento Product Configurator Optimization: The primary challenge involved optimizing the Magento product configurator to accommodate a new balcony configurator. This required implementing a dynamic system allowing users to customize balconies by adding/deleting sections and choosing colors and profiles.
Windows & Doors eShop


The whole scope of the WebMeridian team’s work includes:

Platform Optimization:

  • Automated Order Assignments: Implemented functionality for automatic assignment of Customer orders to the nearest Partner.
  • Responsive Checkout System: Enhanced the checkout process with delivery options, dynamically incorporating data into emails based on distance and assembly type.

Front-End Enhancements:

  • Cosmetic Improvements: Made small yet impactful changes to improve aesthetics, including adjustments to indents, fonts, sizes, and logo modifications for a more visually appealing site.

Magento Product Configurator Optimization:

  • Balcony Configurator Integration: Successfully integrated a new balcony configurator, allowing users to customize balconies dynamically.
  • Logic for Price Determination: Implemented a logic system to calculate parameters influencing the price based on user choices within the configurator.
Windows & Doors eShop


  • The platform’s optimization streamlined order processes, enhancing communication between Customers and Partners.
  • Cosmetic changes improved the platform’s overall aesthetics, creating a more visually engaging user experience.
  • The Magento product configurator optimization successfully added a balcony configurator, expanding the platform’s capabilities.

Magento Expert Consultation

Business Value

The implemented changes significantly improved the user experience, facilitating seamless order processing and customization for both Customers and Partners. The enhanced configurator expands product offerings, increasing the platform’s appeal to a broader audience.

Our Point Of View

For businesses facing similar challenges, prioritizing platform optimization and configurator enhancements can greatly improve user satisfaction. Implementing automation for order assignments and ensuring a responsive checkout process fosters efficient operations. 

Additionally, regularly updating the front-end with small cosmetic changes contributes to a visually appealing and engaging user interface. 

Finally, expanding product configurators to meet evolving customer needs enhances the platform’s competitiveness in the market. Product configuration done right can make the difference between delivering the right things and making expensive mistakes during production. What’s clear is the fact that you need to have configurable products in Magento 2. If it is not robust enough, you could experience errors in manufacturing. In modern eCommerce, configurators are used all the time to ensure that customers feel the enhanced shopping experience that variety presents. To be configurable means to offer the option to customize, re-arrange or adjust into simple or complex variants of products, depending on manufacturing capability and profitability.

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