Every retailer desires a versatile, scalable eCommerce infrastructure. Well, the truth is that the eCommerce architecture of your website can affect the stability and efficiency of your website.

High traffic, shop mods, or technical changes won't deal any harm if the backend works well.

Constant great Magento support service adds tremendous value to your eShop, such as:

  • outstanding performance,
  • conversion rate,
  • the well-ranked site, etc.
Table of Contents
  1. Why Do You Need Magento Maintenance Services?
  2. 3 Core Types of Magento Website Support
  3. Point #1. A Support Team Focused on Cutting-Edge Technologies
  4. Point #2. Ability to Demonstrate Their Expertise | Magento Certified Developers
  5. Point #3. Consulting and Development as Crucial Part of the Great Magento Support
  6. Point #4. The Core Aries That Should Be Covered by Your Magento Maintenance Package
  7. Point #5. Smooth Process During the Whole Project | Development and Magento Support
  8. Point #6. Accessibility When Needed
  9. eCommerce Maintenance & Support: Insource or Outsource?
  10. Summary

Let’s dive deeper into the essential points.

Magento support and maintenance services are more than only troubleshooting or version updates. With the following solutions for constant Magento website support and updating, a team of certified experts will help you to take the shop to the next level:

  • Design and development of high-converting product pages allow reaching all stages of the sales funnel and succeeding in cross and up-selling.
  • Intuitive website navigation optimisation reduces abandoned shopping carts and increases a store’s conversion.
  • Implementation of a one-step checkout doesn’t allow visitors to leave the checkout process before they buy.
  • The development of multiple payment functionality reduces the churn rate.
  • Increasing of store’s performance builds higher conversion rates.
  • eCommerce consulting in various niches increases the revenues of your store.
  • SEO audit and optimisation rank up your eShop.
  • Mobile optimisation and PWA development allow you not to miss your potential sales and customer retention.

Easier said than done, right?

We are constantly seeking new ways to implement resource-efficient technologies for our clients’ websites. In a nutshell, what should be included in

Magento Support Packages:

  • Cleaning up the shop and removing malware and viruses
  • Magento version updating
  • Security patches installation
  • Security holes closing
  • Fixing critical issues
  • Performance tuning
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Code Review
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Features Set Extending
  • Website Customisation

Why Do You Need Magento Maintenance Services?

Success Story of Italy-based Sports Store That Doubled Store Performance Simply With Magento 2 - Magento Support Services

  • Preventative Support

A dedicated team of certified experts constantly monitors your site using the latest technology and carries out maintenance as and when required to identify issues before they become a threat to the success of your business.

  • Reactive Support

Round-clock Magento website support is available through email, phone, and chat to support you on any critical issues you might encounter related to your eCommerce store.

  • Flexible Support

You can choose from various packages that provide appropriate response time and the level of service that suits your needs.

Are you trying to find and hire certified Magento developers to ensure smooth Magento website maintenance? We have put together core tips to help you choose and hire dedicated Magento developers.

Read on to find them out!

3 Core Types of Magento Website Support

Every retailer desires a versatile, scalable eCommerce infrastructure. Well, the truth is, that the eCommerce architecture of your website can affect the stability and efficiency of your website. High traffic, shop mods, or technical changes won’t deal any harm if the backend works well.

A well-built eCommerce website architecture ensures the goal of any online business. Magento offers one of the simplest and most adaptable amazing platforms. Also, vendors can add mods and change core programming as they please. 

In integrating Magento API into your website, you should take note of some of the fundamental systems that may relate to the following:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Payment gateways
  • Marketing automation services, and
  • Accounting/tax managing systems

Nonetheless, there are at least three more eCommerce platforms that are worthy of your attention to build an eShop accord to all hottest trends in 2022 and ensure a great shopping experience.

Point #1. A Support Team Focused on Cutting-Edge Technologies

eCommerce Site Architecture_ Basic Components All Magento Projects Need

Magento 2 ERP Integration: Step-By-Step Guide and Common Pitfalls Dive Deeper

With years of eCommerce experience, you know that high-quality execution achieves desired results. Skilled technical experts significantly impact projects, assisting sellers in navigating Magento and eventually deploying installations that match client expectations and produce income.

Adobe Certified Professional – Magento Commerce Developer

WebMeridian developers are experts in essential platform functions such as UI modification and database management, back-end integration and checkout process customisation

Our professional developers:

  • can spearhead Magento implementation efforts with ease
  • have a strong technical grasp of the platform 
  • can articulate the deeper concepts that underpin the platform

Adobe Certified Expert –  Commerce Business Practitioner

In a nutshell,  our Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner is an expert user of the Magento 2 Commerce platform who understands how to make the most of Magento 2 technology. With a vital foundation in business and eCommerce, the Magento Commerce Business Practitioner can perform the following tasks:

  • Efficiently match business objectives with Magento 2 capabilities,
  • Work on solution design in a specific business sector to create and document business requirements,
  • Optimise usage of native features,
  • Prevent unnecessary customisation.

Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer

Advanced Magento developers in WebMeridian are responsible for the following areas:

  • Leading implementation projects,
  • Making significant technical decisions and collaborating with retailers to gather baseline system requirements,
  • Making strong back-end architectural decisions,
  • Prediction of the impact of customisation and grappling with salient implementation issues such as product pricing and quoting.

We are ready to gather a team of certified experts for you:

Point #2. Ability to Demonstrate Their Expertise | Magento Certified Developers

Magento Website Support by Adobe Certified Experts

Let’s Talk About Your Tech Challenges

Let’s explore the story behind…

Before driving new traffic to your clients’ eCommerce websites, have you ensured a smooth user experience at each crucial point in the journey?

Each key feature of an eCommerce site is a stepping stone to even greater conversion rates for your customers’ e-shops.

Implement the hottest features that should be added to your eCommerce website to keep it updated, according to eCommerce trends in 2022:

  • Smooth Shopping Cart and Intuitive One-Step Checkout – To prevent visitors from leaving the checkout process before buying.
  • Product Configurator – To enable customers to buy things that match their expectations and wishes.
  • High-Converting Product Pages – To reach all stages of the sales funnel and ensure success in cross- and upselling.
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling – To make your offers more interesting by featuring the latest in technological advances.
  • Innovative Usage of AI in eCommerce – To solve site visitors’ issues and questions with astonishing speed.
  • Voice Search On Website – To offer a smoother, easier and more enjoyable shopping experience to end customers.
  • The Best Shipping Solutions – To reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase a store’s conversions.

Read Article – ⌚10 min

Hottest Magento Features That Should Be Added to e-Shop to Gain the Upper Hand

Lastly…why is it essential for your company to focus on the tech side of eCommerce websites?

Because you can:

  • Serve more clients
  • Tackle bigger projects
  • Extend your service package
  • Solve more issues at a time

Point #3. Consulting and Development as Crucial Part of the Great Magento Support

  • #1. Troubleshooting

Our large team of Magento testers and developers will respond immediately to prevent any technical or performance issues such as site downtime, security breaches, reserve copy or perform system updates after updates are released.

  • #2. Performance Management

We will check the site speed and performance, optimise space on the server and images format, fix technical issues, reduce scripts, and update your Magento store following the recommendations of speed checking tools.

  • #3. Security Maintenance

Cyberattacks against eCommerce sites could cause the vulnerability of payment and data safety. That’s why we ensure to identify weaknesses in code and fix them to achieve high stability and security. This includes code review, suggestions, and further development.

Depending on your site version, we will help with the following tasks: installing security patches for Magento 1.x sites, Magento software updates, solving plugin compatibility issues after store migration, and checking the correct work of your store after updates.

Point #4. The Core Aries That Should Be Covered by Your Magento Maintenance Package

When it comes to project management, establishing an online shop appears to be a lengthy process with numerous aspects. Without competent management, it is impossible to ensure that these activities are sufficiently interconnected to form a well-developed and effective online retail structure.

Well planned is half done.

We at WebMeridian know from experience that developing an eCommerce architecture early in a website development project plan is a cost-saving and performance-boosting technique that every business requires to assure its long-term operation.

Let’s dive deeper into our eCommerce Website Development Project Plan:

Point #5. Smooth Process During the Whole Project | Development and Magento Support

At the start of the project, we get to the heart of your business issues and dive deep into users’ behaviour.  Collection insights about your business allow us to be sure we stay on the same page with our client and enable shaping the money-generated website and its features.

The Core Outputs:

  • Identify and prevent failures at the earliest stage;
  • Build a solid basis for user-centric UI;
  • Use Cases for intuitive UX;
  • Foundation for extendable architecture.

Phase 1: Project Initiation

It’s time to develop an eCommerce website development project plan, the scope of work and the roadmap that everyone will follow. It would be best if you started with setting goals. Two of the more popular methods for setting goals are S.M.A.R.T. and CLEAR.

Phase 2: Planning

Dependencies refer to the logical relationships between tasks, in which one task or activity depends on the completion or initiation of another. Track and analyse variances to avoid timeline slips and unresolved issues.

During the first phase, the mistakes are the most expensive, and they can only be detected during usage by end-users. This step is the greatest time to identify and tackle failures at the earliest stage.

Phase 3: Study the Dependencies

Map out project life cycle and key milestones as well as create the most valuable doc – eCommerce website roadmap – that provides a strategic overview of the project execution, with its major milestones and the time for realisation.

Plan commitments, including the project at large, schedules, human resources, and budget. In addition, you should take corrective measures to address the detected variances and put the project back on track.

Phase 4: Define Timeline and Budget

magento development maintenance support

While expecting 24/7 access to a support crew that understands your business through and out is impossible, if anything really goes horribly wrong with your online store, there needs to be a solution to obtain a timely response.

This last tip may seem self-evident, yet there are many difficult-to-reach support services out there. After all, what use is having a support staff if they aren’t there when you need them?

Ensure that the Magento support team you pick provides easy ways to contact them, whether it’s through live chat, sending a support ticket, or contacting them directly. Also, find out what kind of reaction times you may expect from them in return.

Point #6. Accessibility When Needed

If you decide that you would rather add a front-end developer to your team, you can still incorporate them into the outsourcer’s team and operations, thanks to the flexibility that outsourcers like WebMeridian can offer.

Both big and small retailers can outsource their maintenance and support work. The contract should be more flexible the larger the business to allow for modifications and scalability of hours depending on internal hiring activities.

Can I combine my own teams with outside contractors?

Yes, the majority of trustworthy businesses that offer this service will adopt a hybrid approach where the maintenance and support staff for an online store is combined with full-time team members from the merchant.

Smart outsourcing agreements can utilise hybrid teams to combine in-house designers and developers with the outsourced development team; this enables the merchant to match the talents (and expenses) to the budget and velocity of change that the business requires.

If your staff is shifting and you’re seeking a way to enhance your e-commerce maintenance and support, get in touch with us.

eCommerce Maintenance & Support: Insource or Outsource?

We provide different Magento support packages for worldwide eCommerce shops and online businesses.

There are different levels of support packages, including urgent support for shops in development or existing online businesses. Our Magento support and maintenance team have your eCommerce store covered for any issues you may encounter.

By offering Magento maintenance and support services, WebMeridian provides online retailers with assistance in handling all arising technical hurdles and stands for continuous business evolution in line with changing business needs.

Emergency Magento website supports the time when an ecommerce company fails to provide adequate customer experience equals lost revenue and damaged customer trust.

Our Magento Maintenance Services and Support Packages are aimed to guarantee that nothing ever goes wrong with your store. WebMeridian’s Magento support team ensures your store is always up-to-date, secure and fully optimised.


Tired of tracing Magento errors? Then choose one of our Magento support packages

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