eCommerce Marketplace Development

Suppose you have a big plan to become the next Amazon or compete with other big players like Airbnb. In that case, we are here to help you with all technical challenges while you focus on the business itself. We'll provide you with a cutting-edge team with 6+ years of experience in eCommerce marketplace development and can make your plan a reality. Gain a scalable and user-friendly website cost-effectively and promptly with our marketplace website development service.

Multi Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Solution

Our skilful team of Magento marketplace developers help build and smoothly launch highly scalable, perfectly secured and robust online multi-vendor marketplaces over 6 years.

How Do I Build an eCommerce Marketplace Solution?

#1. Validate Your Idea. There are 3 crucial points to check the idea out: it should solve painful problems (vendors and customers). Carry out competitors analysis. Discuss it with people who look like your target audience and potential vendors. #2. Well Thought Out a Business Model. Choose a business segment for your multi vendor eCommerce B2B marketplace solution. Define method of monetising your marketplace: Commission, Subscription, Freemium, or Listing fee. #3. Launch the MVP. Invest less at the initial stage and launch the marketplace as fast as possible. #4: Find Vendors and Potential Buyers. #5: Launch Your Marketplace - it is one of the easiest things; the most challenging part is promotion of eCommerce marketplace solutions. #6: Promote Your Marketplace. Focus on your customers and use all available powers of digital marketing.

How Much Does a Marketplace Website Development Cost?

The total price of online marketplace development depends on location, complexity, functionality and extensions that you want to implement. Generally, developing a multi vendor eCommerce marketplace solution can cost you between $30,000 and $120,000 — figures based on developers or the agency's hourly rate ($25-100/h). Online marketplaces prove the demand and can become the future of on-demand service.

How Long Does It Take to Build a B2B Marketplace Solution?

If we consider eCommerce Marketplace Development from scratch with basic features set, it can take up to 1000 -1100 hours. Concerning development costs, it depends on hourly rates. For example, the average hourly rates for Ukrainian developers is $31.5/h, Germanic - $60/h, while American specialists set it to $100/h.

What We Solve

Marketplace Development (MVP)

WebMeridian's skilled team knows the multi vendor eCommerce marketplace solution development inside out, so we can help you deliver a state-of-the-art website to grow your online business. Our experts meet your needs in all aspects of eCommerce marketplace management due to a quick and effective development workflow.

Creation of a Store-Based on Marketplace

We offer eCommerce marketplace development services with eye-catching design, efficient code, and no bugs. Our primary focus during work on your cutting-edge marketplace is inventory, vendors, payments, orders, reviews, buyers, and filters. Our team will bring every piece of the puzzle together in order to complete a user-friendly, fast-loading, SEO-friendly, secure and engaging website.

An Auction Opportunity Set Up

The success of a famous nowadays eBay has formed the foundation of online auctions stores. Having simpler models, many eCommerce sites became phenomenally successful with auction opportunities. With unique features, you can offer competitive prices. Our experts tackle developing an online store with all types of auction, whether incremental, automatic, or reserve price. Our marketplace development company can take the most complex problems and create a solution that makes it look accessible to the customer.

Multi Store Magento 2 Development

Your online stores should fit around your business and make your life easier. Benefit from our skilled team that enhances and simplifies the management of multiple e-shops with Magento 2 multi-store setup. Our primary focus is a Magento 2 multi-store development that ensures high flexibility and manageability. Get online shops where users will want to buy over and over again.

Benefits of eCommerce Marketplace Development

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