Automotive Website

Shopify and Laravel development for an automotive website to increase performance, conversion, and speed

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Country United Kingdom
Industry Automotive
Technologies: Shopify, Laravel, Sphinx/Manticore, Vue.js
Timeframe: Ongoing Project
Team: Shopify/Laravel Developer, Project Manager
Automotive Website - Shopify Development & eCommerce store optimization

Project Overview

  • What We Solve: Advanced Filtering System for an Automotive eCommerce Website. 
  • Client: Leading Auto Parts Manufacturer (NDA Protected)
  • Service: Shopify Development + Outstaffing Services
Automotive Website

Story Behind

Our client is a renowned auto parts manufacturer with a multilingual website that attracts millions of monthly visitors. As a significant player in the automotive industry across the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, the client needed a robust, user-friendly platform to serve its diverse customer base. They sought to significantly improve their website’s usability and conversion rates through an advanced filtering system so that their extensive product catalog would be ahead.

Automotive Website


Before our collaboration, the client faced critical challenges:

  • Inadequate Filtering System: Other auto parts stores offered advanced filtering capabilities, which our client’s website lacked. Shopify’s native filtering allowed basic filters such as model and year but couldn’t handle additional attributes like version, body type, transmission, and engine.
  • Massive Data Volume: The client had a vast catalog with over 60 million parts and more than 50,000 vehicles, which made implementing a comprehensive filtering system extremely complex.
  • Compatibility Tool: A robust tool for checking parts compatibility using VINs was essential but was absent from the client’s platform.

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To address these challenges, we developed a sophisticated application integrating Shopify and Laravel to extend the filtering capabilities and enhance overall website usability:

1) Advanced Filtering System:

  • Implemented an application for Shopify categories, enabling detailed filters by model, year, version, body type, transmission, and engine.
  • Leveraged Sphinx/Manticore for caching and quick data retrieval, ensuring the system could efficiently handle and process millions of data points.

2) Compatibility Tool:

  • Developed a VIN number-based compatibility tool, allowing customers to check the fitment of parts accurately and effortlessly.
  • Integrated data sourcing from InfoMedia services ensures up-to-date and reliable information.

3) Theme Implementation:

  • Used Vue.js for a dynamic and responsive theme implementation, enhancing the user interface and overall user experience.

4) Infrastructure:

  • Configure a Linux AWS server for robust and scalable hosting solutions.
  • Develop the backend using PHP/Laravel for seamless Shopify front-end integration.
Automotive Website

Scope of Work

  • Server Configuration: Set up and configured a Linux AWS server to handle the website’s substantial traffic and data processing needs.
  • Application Development: Created a PHP/Laravel-based application to manage the advanced filtering system and compatibility tool.
  • Database Integration: Employed Sphinx/Manticore for efficient caching and quick retrieval of extensive data sets.
  • Frontend Development: Implemented a dynamic theme using Vue.js to enhance the user experience and interface.
Automotive Website

Business Value

The implemented solution provided significant business benefits:

  • Enhanced Usability: The advanced filtering system made navigation intuitive and efficient, allowing users to find parts quickly based on detailed specifications.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Improved user experience and precise compatibility of the tool increased customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Scalability: The robust infrastructure ensured the platform could handle the growing data and traffic demands without performance issues.

Our Recommendation

For businesses facing similar challenges, we recommend advanced search and caching solutions like Sphinx/Manticore or Elasticsearch for Shopify stores, requiring deep search capabilities and extensive collection customization. These tools provide the necessary performance and scalability to effectively handle large datasets and complex filtering requirements.

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