You may have seen through competition research that leading eCommerce companies are utilising the most innovative features of eCommerce to draw in clients, keep them interested throughout the purchasing experience, and ensure they get the specific product they desire.

eCommerce business owners are rushing to use the newest Magento development techniques in order to get an advantage. Are you prepared to reach your most tremendous potential?

So, read on to get:

  • an overview of the shopping cart and intuitive one-step checkout tips
  • the key reasons to use product configuration
  • a list of top Magento 2 features with AI
  • the best plan for website optimisation for voice search
  • other tips and unique features of eCommerce that will help you win a race.

Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents
  1. Smooth Shopping Cart
  2. Intuitive One-Step Checkout
  3. Product Configurator
  4. High-Converting Product Page
  5. Upselling and Cross-Selling
  6. Smart Usage of AI in eCommerce
  7. Voice Search On the Website Is Transforming eCommerce
  8. Summary
  9. Have a Project in Mind?

The goal is to attract customers to the shopping cart; thus, you need to make it simpler for them to do so.

Let’s get started on the rundown to fix all typical issues with shopping carts right now. Our specialists have compiled the top unique features of eCommerce for a shopping cart in 2022 for you in the form of a checklist for successful eCommerce website creation.

Here are 3 essential components that make it user-friendly and optimised.

Smooth Shopping Cart

According to research by ApexChat, live chat may improve web leads by an average of 40%. People frequently use live chat to converse with real people and obtain prompt responses to questions about products and deliveries. Implementing a live chat will make their purchasing much more comfortable and will increase sales.

#1. Add Live Chat for Real-Time Conversations

All big players are constantly seeking new ways to increase conversion rate, and the link with payment methods as the finish line of purchase is clear. 

Free to select from a dizzying array of payment options?

Avoid creating confusion. Now, in addition to credit/debit cards or cheques, the shop must accept well-known payment options like PayPal or Klarna, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Choose the best payment system for your eShop via our article.

#2. Use a Few Payment Methods

The most crucial factor for customers and a high conversion rate is usually simplicity of use.

Easier said than done, right? 

But, by following UX trends, your team tackle them in a blink of an eye.

  • Describe the products in a summary of the basket.
  • Totalise the cost.
  • Allow users to save things for later.
  • Make your shopping basket remember you. If your cart is updated each time a visitor comes back, you lose.
  • While examining the products in the shopping basket, including options like “back to shopping.”
  • Make it simple to change the quantity, size, and other essential information.

Convenience will increase conversion if a consumer can quickly go from the items in the display to the basket and back to shopping.

#3. Make the Shopping Cart User-Friendly

Steps to Optimise Your eCommerce Shopping Cart Checkout Read On

If your request form is too lengthy, visitors will typically quit after filling out part of it. One important thing to keep in mind is that checkout should only need a few quick clicks. Your forms should only have the absolutely essential fields, such as shipping and payment. Just one page, please.

It is difficult to complete since it is demanding work, but you may raise your results above 11.45%.

Your website should be customised to meet your target audience’s demands by keeping in mind their problems and wants. These improvements to the checkout process phases from our eCommerce website development company could pave the way for even higher conversion rates.

Intuitive One-Step Checkout

More customers will complete the transaction if there is less information to fill out. To hasten the transaction, choose the one-click payment option. Your conversion rate will increase if this feature is easy to use. By implementing one-step checkout, you can get it.

Pay in 1 Click

Make it simple for customers to understand what phase of the checkout process they are in. If they are aware of that, they are more likely to start and finish what they start. The pages might easily irritate a customer and cause them to abandon their basket if they appear unexpectedly.

Add Progress Bar for Checkout Page

Configurators are frequently utilised in trendy eCommerce to guarantee that clients enjoy the improved buying experience that diversity offers. According to Epsilon Research, personalised experiences increase a customer’s likelihood to purchase by 80%.

Correct product setup might be the difference between providing the right products and incurring costly manufacturing errors. What is evident is that in order to take advantage of the unique features of eCommerce, you must have customisable products:

Product Configurator

With integrations like 3D viewing and real-time display, customers can choose each feature and see it reflected on the screens until complete by adjusting the offered options. In a decor store, the configurable product in Magento 2 could include things like the item’s material, length, artwork, collar type, and more.

Build a Visually Pleasant Shopping Journey

Compared to conventional locations, online stores experience more product returns. The reason is that customers often return items if they don’t receive what they expected since really seeing something in person or correctly viewing it is crucial.

  • Additional advantages come from product configuration and our custom Magento development services.
  • Higher consumer satisfaction levels because they receive what they want without guessing.
  • The potential to increase conversions by boosting consumer confidence.
  • Encouraging interaction, encouraging users to stay on the website longer and make more purchases.
  • The professionalism of your website guarantees that clients always receive what they purchase.

Reduce Returned Goods

Represent Your Business Right with 2022 Best Practices for Product Detail Pages & Product Listing Pages Read On

The ideal site for an online store would be one that is aesthetically attractive. We are visual beings by nature. The majority of customers prefer to focus on appealing images and other appealing items rather than reading a lot of text. Our professionals gathered advice about eCommerce website design.

  • An essential component of any online sports business should be imagery.
  • Include a lot of images on your product page to draw viewers in.
  • Your usage of photographs is a fantastic selling point.

By using the following checklist, you will be closer to creating an effective homepage:

High-Converting Product Page

Your main goal when it comes to value is to persuade customers to feel proud of their purchases. Both new visitors and devoted consumers need to understand your value proposition to understand why they need what you have to provide. In order to connect effectively across all demographics, our marketing team advises employing sound and compelling content as well as merging components of the written text and user experience.

Clear Value Proposition

When we discuss navigation, we emphasise how simple it is. Yes, this may seem contradictory because you want to please everyone, yet simplicity may not allow for variation.

Note: The simplicity needs to be in how you write the words or group content. Draw the customers’ attention to the right places without overwhelming them with too much information and design elements.

Intuitive Navigation Website

Remember that you want to make an impression on your customers as well as stand out from the crowd of online eCommerce companies.

  1. Maintain consistency in your brand’s colours, typefaces, messaging, and other distinguishing elements.
  2. Tell your tale. Your target audience must be able to relate to and feel something about your brand.
  3. You will succeed if you can make your target market smile whenever they hear about your brand.

Make Your Brand Easily Identifiable

It must be simple to find. Additionally, it needs to be in the upper right corner. Additionally, it is preferable that the number of things in the cart be shown as a little indicator. Furthermore, the consumer should be able to slide the cart out if they choose to continue shopping or proceed to the checkout.

Speak to a Certified Expert now if you have any questions or want to learn more about how CX Audit may help you level up your business.

Easy to Access Shopping Cart

Finding anything on your website shouldn’t be difficult, especially when it comes to catalogues with a lot of products. A consumer should be able to find everything they want by utilising a website search bar if they have many items.

Advanced As Well Easy Search Bar

Techniques for upselling, cross-selling, and renewals are quite popular.

The “similar goods” area is one of the best aspects of Magento features; it frequently results in a significant rise in the purchase amount since customers find new products that appeal to them and fit within their price range. The suggestions are produced to understand that the items you select will usually be connected in some manner.

A prospective customer will click on anything when they see it, and it piques their curiosity. The buyer will stay on your website for a longer period of time, which may aid in the sale’s planning and completion.

Additionally, you may group items into sets and give customers a discount when they purchase multiples. Most consumers desire to save money, and purchasing many items in a group gives them the impression that they are receiving a good bargain.

Impulse purchasing does happen. Revenue from online sales is increased by encouraging spontaneous purchases.

  • Put your attention on a cross- or clever upselling.
  • Offer post-checkout upsells that happens after a customer makes a purchase.
  • Sell related items to customers before they add anything to their shopping basket.
  • Showcase every item that is pertinent to the customer’s original purchase.
  • Don’t make an offer on something that has already been bought or sold.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

One of the trendiest Magento 2 features is AI, which has simplified, improved, and automated customer service. According to forecasts, AI-enabled personalised purchasing will gain momentum.

  • Chatbots

Conversational-AI chatbots are helpful in engagement settings because they can mimic human-like interactions and give prompt replies, cutting down on turnaround time. For eCommerce businesses to stay competitive, offering 24/7 customer assistance using AI and chat-boxing has become essential. The bots are increasing loyalty while driving acquisition and retention.

  • Сustomer-Сentred Searches

Make your search engines function like people; if you have what a consumer is seeking in stock, they will always find it. AI is capable of organising photographs, reliably returning search results and matching goods based on criteria such as colour, material, or form, among other preferences.

  • Sales Intelligence

With AI, you can look at what the competitor is doing more effectively than you and gather knowledge on what to do to stay competitive or gain an edge. This goes beyond merely having the ability to foresee the future.

  • Smart Technology

Smart technology may be applied in a business to give customers more value and gain a competitive advantage. In this scenario, Samsung enjoys a distinct degree of popularity in the fridge industry, given that they beat everyone to the punch with their introduction of technology to an icebox. It has internal cameras and AI that can be used to alert you when supplies need to be replenished or even placed on your own order.

  • Image Classification

Customers should always be given recommendations for similar goods and services when developing an eCommerce website. Doing so may raise conversion rates and profit from the resulting rise in sales.

AI advancements have made it unnecessary to classify photos manually or even utilise subpar systems to do so. With artificial intelligence, you may combine recommendations to look at other possibilities and make a purchase with only one click if the findings are identical.

Smart Usage of AI in eCommerce

Profitable Magento Development Trends in 2023 and Beyond Read On

Mobile users who do not wish to input their search terms manually are increasingly using voice search. The procedure is rapid and simple. If you don’t adopt new technologies, other websites will most certainly surpass your eCommerce site in Google search results, leaving you behind.

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that people are now utilising vocal inquiries to locate what they’re looking for and shop for the best bargains as they already use Siri or other voice-activated capabilities on their phones to search for a variety of items.

Making your website verbally accessible is a terrific first step in attracting smartphone users.

In our post, we looked at the best advice for eCommerce website development and optimising them for voice search.

Voice Search On the Website Is Transforming eCommerce

How to Make Your Magento Website Google voice Search Friendly

You may modify the requirements for your website to load pages more quickly, have an intuitive and customer-centric design, and useful features, and remove obstacles that can stop your customers from making a purchase or signing up for a service by applying these fundamental Magento 2 features.

This white paper, which outlines what should be on your website and potential implications if anything is left off, might help you address this issue.

We are available to help you find solutions.


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