Our Adobe certified developers, project managers, and business analysts have evaluated our clients’ websites and their direct competitors and come up with a list of must-have features and proven tips for website optimisations.

“Aggressive Sales” doesn’t work.

Impulse buying is an authentic thing. A buyer visits an eCommerce website hoping to find a specific item, but they end up leaving after they buy numerous unplanned items. A cutting-edge and revenue-generated online store is an up-to-date website, so consider implementing the best practices of website optimisation. The complimentary item gives more value to the product that the buyer just purchased. 

Table of Contents
  1. Conversion and Website Optimisation Made Simple
  2. Loading Speed Optimisation
  3. SEO Audit and Optimisation
  4. Conclusion

Let’s dive deeper into the list of features, navigation improvements, blocks, and hottest Magento development trends worth implementing.

Conversion and Website Optimisation Made Simple

  • Don’t let your clients go empty-handed.

When website visitors sign up for newsletters, set up an auto-email with discounts or coupons. Giving consumers rewards is an efficient strategy to entice returning customers or persuade a hesitant new buyer to make a purchase.

  • Give a generous discount, reward, free shipment, or present to a first-time customer.

Always take the time to write an email immediately welcoming the first-time customer to the community and thanking them for their first purchase. Some shops include the “Thank You” email with the welcome to the community message, but you should keep these two important communications distinct if possible. According to research, up to 80% of welcome emails are opened.

Our estimate for development:

  • min 4h 
  • max 6h 

eCommerce Website Optimisation

Customers dislike confusing and difficult-to-navigate websites. They want to land on your landing page or product pages and instantly start searching. In fact, Forrester Research conducted a study that clearly showed that 43% of all eCommerce customers utilise the search box immediately away without hesitation.

Make searches faster and easier with Autofill. 

It works this way: the user starts typing a word, and a drop-down list appears with the related products. It’s great if you can display not only the name but also an image in the list. 

This is precisely how it is set up in iHerb, an online shop of organic cosmetics. Popular products for a specific query are displayed first, and then the matching products with an image. 

Our estimate for development:

  • min 4h 
  • max 6h 


Don’t be afraid to implement a mega-menu to boldly show items to your website’s visitors. Also, don’t be afraid to use short links to send your customers to the desired destination.

#2. Autofill Search

Finding anything on your site should not be hard, especially when it comes to highly populated catalogues. If you have many products, the customer should be able to find whatever they want using a website search bar.

The search bar needs to be simple and easy to find (use the magnifying glass icon). Users who complete searches successfully are likely to buy something. If you have a lot of products and there is no way to pinpoint individual items easily, it will turn your customers away.

Set up a search functionality with the following points:

  1. Search with typos and auto-correct
  2. Display matching items if nothing was found for a particular query
  3. Search including symbols () and abbreviations 
  4. Understand keyboard layouts. If a user forgets to change the language when writing a query – this query should still be recognised and found
  5. Recognise synonyms
  6. Create (in the admin panel) a list with requests for which nothing was found

Our estimate for development:

  • min 4h 
  • max 6h 

Useful Magento 2 extensions for you:

eCommerce Website Optimisation - How to Choose the Best Magento 2 Extensions_

#3. Improved Search Functionality

If the buyer is already registered on the website, allow them to sign in via SMS on their phone (which is linked to the client’s personal account).

Our estimate for development:

  • min 2h 
  • max 3h 

Magento 2 Extensions for OTP Login: 

#4. Authorisation Via SMS

eCommerce Website optimisation and Magento support and maintenance services

What Makes The Magento Support Service Great Read On

User-friendly websites include a wide range of information, and we will discuss some key aspects of homepage design. In the specific niche of making your website homepage design attractive to new users, do the following.

Begin establishing trust with your customers by utilising blocks with incentives. You can display discounted items, a new collection, or trending products. It is entirely up to you and should be reflected in your sales approach.

Many successful businesses, such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Daniel Wellington, PANDORA, Apple, and Land Rover, can serve as inspiration.

#5. Website Optimisation: Eye-Catching Blocks to Your Home Page and  Product Card

A brief video often provides the consumer with more information about the product in a visually appealing manner. They are simple to create and, when done correctly, may instil trust and encourage potential consumers to investigate a product.

Short Videos

A video review may do in minutes what a written assessment would take hours to complete. Film reviews create valuable product material by distilling the product’s complexities into an easy-to-understand explainer video.


Instead of two-dimensional shots of moving images, why not go with an immersive 360-degree product video instead. Like the 360-degree images, it shows the customer every part of the product from any angle.


360 Product Video

Implement a 3D model of the product that gives items that aren’t truly there a sensation of presence.

3D models and 360-degree photos and videos have a lot in common. They let a potential customer see a product from all angles and in greater detail than a photograph or video would. When your eCommerce website content is about sophisticated items, 3D models provide a more technical look.

Our estimate for development:

  • min 2h 
  • max 4h

Useful link for website optimisation: Magento 2 Augmented Reality (WebAR) Extension

3D Models

To improve conversions, write text for the product page that grabs attention, properly explains the product and company, uses social proof and upsells or resells.

  • You must establish an emotional connection by being truthful and real. Show your consumers that you care about what they love and care about, and only include product information that is really necessary.

Examine how ASOS created their product pages after website optimisation. It offers high-quality photos, size chart data, size samples, Shop Assistant, the ability to add to a bag, and a wishlist.

eCommerce Website Optimisation and Magento Development in 2022

Source: ASOS Product Page

  • A full description of the goods, their material, size & fit, care advice, brand, and style are also included. Customers may examine the most crucial information in one spot, which allows them to make a buying choice faster. You can, however, offer links to the care guide or style guide to assist your consumers with any product-related inquiries.
  • When on a site, visitors will find it easy to locate what they want if you have a search function that not only auto-completes when they start tying but gives suggestions for searches related to the one they just made.

TOMS has great product suggestions with images and descriptions that help customers to find the exact product.

Suggesting other products, after the search brings up what the visitor wants, is a great way to cumulatively increase your sales.

eCommerce Website Optimisation and Magento Development in 2022

Source: TOMS Website

#6 Make Detailed Product Pages and Search

A common way to return users is by email chain, so your team should set up a chain of emails. Abandoned carts are always a problem for eCommerce sites.  Sending a pleasant email message reminding the potential customer about the abandoned basket is an effective strategy to increase internet purchases. According to Salesforce data, 17.6 per cent of consumers return to an abandoned basket and complete the transaction after receiving a personalised follow-up email.

Before sending emails, always obtain authorisation. Nothing irritates me more than unwanted emails.

  • Make it obvious who is sending the communications.
  • Inform the beneficiaries of your offering.
  • Make certain that all of your messages are respectful of the consumer.
  • Personalisation and contextualisation should be used.
  • Use clickbait subject lines or headlines sparingly, since people tend not to respond to information that is inconsistent with reality.

If there are any errors in the emails, such as broken links, please apologise. Learn to confess any additional mistakes. Recognising your shortcomings while correcting errors is an excellent method to gain clients’ confidence and interact with them.

Our estimate for development:

  • min 2h 
  • max 4h

Useful Magento 2 extensions for you:

Speak to a Certified Expert now if you have any questions or want to learn more about how CX Audit may help you level up your business.

#7. Recover Abandoned Carts with Discounts

Save a list of customer search queries on the site in the admin panel:

  • with the ability to export
  • with the ability to filter alphabetically
  • also, if possible, don’t duplicate requests and do a postscript next to how many times this request was.

The data will be used for users to see their search history, and for data mining to get insight into user behaviour.

Our estimate for development:

  • min 6h 
  • max 8h

#8. Save A List Of Customer Search Queries

If the client is already registered on the website, give them the additional option of resetting their password via SMS to their phone (which is linked to their personal account).

Our estimate for development:

  • min 2h 
  • max 3h

#9. Reset Password Via The Phone Number

Magento 2 Multistore Development Dive Deeper

For online retailers, the globe and its many languages are their playgrounds, which is where Magento multi language features come in.

Growing your business may take you to different nations, necessitating the creation of a multi-language website (s). Localisation may be as basic as translating or as sophisticated as communicating your message coherently and in accordance with the conventions of your audience.

To provide a country/locale-specific website, some Magento design and development services/skills are required. 

 As we learn how to create a multi language website in Magento 2, we see that it includes more than simply language but also functionality, design aspects, and content. An example would be the localised Magento edition created for Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Swiss, Austrian, and German markets.

Currencies may be simply configured on the admin dashboard, at the website level. It will, however, have an impact on your multiple stores’ approach, as you will need to create a Website > Store > Store View for each language version of the site.

It is usually best to utilise professional/native copywriters for translations and specialist developers to set up your store’s currency.

Add versions in other languages (French etc.) as a crucial part of website optimisation. 

Our estimate for Magento development:

  • min 1h 
  • max 2h

#10. Localisation

Just One-Step Checkout allows you to collect all important data in one place. If your checkout page is not properly designed, it might be your undoing. There are a few crucial things you can do to win clients’ confidence on the checkout page.

You must demonstrate that your payment method is secure. Data breaches occur all the time, and many customers are hesitant to provide payment information to you. How can you make your checkout page credible?

  • Display a trust seal (s).
  • Make use of skilled graphic designers. People will abandon their shopping carts if the checkout page appears suspect.
  • Make sure your website has an SSL certificate. Shoppers understand that sites that do not have a padlock before the HTTPS are not certified and hence not secure.
  • Have a shipping cost calculator available so that clients may see clear pricing.

When designing this page, you must eliminate any uncertainties. There is no such thing as too much security. If you want to convert the bulk of your consumers, you need to make any changes to your checkout page. Consider some of the activities you should pursue.

Our estimate for development:

  • min 2h 
  • max 3h

 Useful Magento 2 extensions and verified modules:

#11. One-Step Checkout

Steps to Optimise your eCommerce Shopping Cart Checkout in 2023 Read On

Reduce abandoned shopping carts and increase a store’s conversion. To boost your conversion rate, you must have a fast-loading website. Customers despise having to wait. There are various methods for making your website speedier. They include, among other things, picture optimisation and the usage of content delivery networks. With the proper optimisations, your website should load almost rapidly, ensuring that visitors have a pleasant UX.

#1. Image Compression 

Analyse the number of images on the site and compress the images without loss of quality.

Our estimate:

  • min 4h 
  • max 6h

#2. Install LazyLoad 

Install and configure LazyLoad.

Our estimate:

  • min 4h 
  • max 6h

#3. Set Up Asynchronous Loading For CSS And JavaScript Files 

Asynchronous loading of files will help to solve the issue of how to speed up the site because when the page loads, the browser robot moves from top to bottom.


  • min 4h 
  • max 6h

Loading Speed Optimisation

How to create multi language website in Magento 2 - Nescafé _ Multi-Language Store

Search engine optimisation is done well and guarantees that you stand a chance of ranking higher on search engines like Google. However, it goes beyond ranking in search results. The ideal outcome of SEO is to drive traffic to your site and generate more leads.

The advantage of good SEO is that you do not have to pay for ad space to market yourself. If you’re unsure about what to do, consult experts who will offer better SEO strategies and SEO tips for new websites that are just starting out.

#1. Indexed URLs

Check if URLs are indexed and adjust if necessary. 

Estimate:  2-3 hours.

#2. Website Visibility

The current trends in SEO to pay attention to include improving the user experience, creating original content, aiming for featured snippets, using more video content (short ads), optimising for voice search, and mobile-first indexing. 

For instance, if you hire Magento 2 developer, you can integrate tools into your Magento store to automate what can be automated and guide how SEO is done.

Analyse overall website visibility not only for high-frequency queries but also for medium- and low-frequency ones. 

Estimate:  3-4 hours.

#3. Generate Task On Internal Optimisation

Tasks to correct errors in internal optimisation of the site, work with landing pages for groups of requests, and remove duplicate pages. 

Estimate:  3-4 hours.

#4. Full Technical Audit

Analysis of the entire site for internal and external errors. 

Estimate:  5-8 hours.

#5. Checking The Site For Mobile-Friendly

Run Google’s Mobile Friendly test. 

Estimate:  0,5-1 hour.

#6. Check Advanced Search Results

Run a Google test to check snippets. 

Estimate:  0,5-1 hour.

#7. Backlinks

Analyse backlinks.

Estimate:  0,5-1 hour.

SEO Audit and Optimisation

The environment inside a website needs a professional look, security measures (especially for payment), and excellent product descriptions.

Entice the visitors to stay by using stories, videos, offers, social proof, email marketing, social media identity, and any other tool at your disposal. If the visitors feel like they connect with your brand story and reflect their views, they will consider buying.

If they feel like the product has been explained well, and the checkout process feels secure and smooth, they will not abandon their carts.

However, you do not have to do it yourself to get it all done. With the help of our experts in business and tech consulting, you have nothing to worry about. We solve the challenges of online businesses and provide smooth Magento website development services.

Just book our all-in-one service, and we would get it all done for you!


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